P06441: See-through-fog Imaging System

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Results from speed display
Addition data display
B_.003.jpg display
B_.0099.jpg display
B_graph.jpg display
C0_100.jpg display
C0_250.jpg display
Distance vs B.jpg display
Home display
Iter_graph.jpg display
Iteration data display
Lake B vs MSE.jpg display
Lake C0 vs MSE.jpg display
Lake.jpg display
Lake_bad_defog.jpg display
Lake_fog.jpg display
Lake_grey.jpg display
Lena.jpg display
Lena_five.jpg display
Lena_fog.jpg display
Lena_four.jpg display
Lena_graph.jpg display
Lena_one.jpg display
Lena_three.jpg display
Lena_two.jpg display
Lenna B vs MSE.jpg display
Lenna C0 vs MSE.jpg display
Lenna.jpg display
MSE vs B and C0 display
Natural Fog display
Noise data after display
Noise data before induce display
P06641 Algorithm Comparison Results display
P06641 Algorithm I Flowchart display
P06641 Algorithm II Early Results display
P06641 Algorithm II Flowchart display
P06641 Algorithm One display
P06641 Algorithm One Flowchart display
P06641 Algorithm One Results display
P06641 Algorithm Two display
P06641 Algorithm Two Rev display
P06641 Continuation Doc display
P06641 Continuation Document display
P06641 Continuation Results display
P06641 Distance Matrix set up display
P06641 Edge Detection Algorithm display
P06641 Induce Fog display
P06641 Induce Fog 2 display
P06641 Induce Fog Algorithm display
P06641 Project Document display
P06641 Project Presentation display
P06641 Project Presentation II display
P06641 Real world algorithm display
P06641 Root Mean Square Error Algorithm display
P06641 Senior Design II Poster display
P06641 Senior Design II Technical Paper display
P06641 Stretch Document display
P06641 Testing results for B and C0 vs MSE display
RMSE_graph.jpg display
Results Recorded from Distance Testing display
Results Recorded from Distance Testing page display
Results Recorded from Histogram Stretching display
Results Recorded from Iteration Testing display
Results Recorded from Iteration Testing page display
Results Recorded from Noise Testing display
Results Recorded from Noise Testing page display
Results found when comparing the algorithms display
Results found when comparing the two algorithms display
Results from B and C0 testing display
Results from distance matrix testing display
Results from real world testing display
Tate B vs MSE.jpg display
Tate C0 vs MSE.jpg display
Tate Sun.jpg display
airplane.jpg display
airplane2.jpg display
airplane_defogged.jpg display
airplane_fifty.jpg display
airplane_five.jpg display
airplane_fog.jpg display
airplane_fogged.jpg display
airplane_four.jpg display
airplane_hundred.jpg display
airplane_one.jpg display
airplane_three.jpg display
airplane_twenty.jpg display
airplane_two.jpg display
baboon.jpg display
before 255 edge.jpg display
before 255.jpg display
constant half edge.jpg display
constant half.jpg display
constant large edge.jpg display
constant large.jpg display
constant sky variable ground.jpg display
defog fog.jpg display
defog hist1.jpg display
defog hist13.jpg display
defog hist14.jpg display
defog hist2.jpg display
defog hist23.jpg display
defog hist24.jpg display
defog hist3.jpg display
defog hist33.jpg display
defog hist34.jpg display
defog hist4.jpg display
defog hist43.jpg display
defog hist44.jpg display
defog hist5.jpg display
defog hist53.jpg display
defog hist54.jpg display
defog-hist.jpg display
defog-image.jpg display
defog-lake.jpg display
defog-mult-hist.jpg display
defog-mult-image.jpg display
defog.jpg display
defog1.jpg display
defog13.jpg display
defog14.jpg display
defog2.jpg display
defog23.jpg display
defog24.jpg display
defog3.jpg display
defog33.jpg display
defog34.jpg display
defog4.jpg display
defog43.jpg display
defog44.jpg display
defog5.jpg display
defog53.jpg display
defog54.jpg display
defogged_mountains.jpg display
defogged_road.jpg display
dist1.jpg display
dist2.jpg display
dist3.jpg display
fog hist1.jpg display
fog hist13.jpg display
fog hist14.jpg display
fog hist2.jpg display
fog hist23.jpg display
fog hist24.jpg display
fog hist3.jpg display
fog hist33.jpg display
fog hist34.jpg display
fog hist4.jpg display
fog hist43.jpg display
fog hist44.jpg display
fog hist5.jpg display
fog hist53.jpg display
fog hist54.jpg display
fog-hist.jpg display
fog-image.jpg display
fog-lake.jpg display
fog-mult-hist.jpg display
fog-mult-image.jpg display
fog.jpg display
fog1.jpg display
fog13.jpg display
fog14.jpg display
fog2.jpg display
fog23.jpg display
fog24.jpg display
fog3.jpg display
fog33.jpg display
fog34.jpg display
fog4.jpg display
fog43.jpg display
fog44.jpg display
fog5.jpg display
fog53.jpg display
fog54.jpg display
image1.jpg display
image1defogged.jpg display
image1fog.jpg display
image1fogged.jpg display
image2.jpg display
image2defogged.jpg display
image2fog.jpg display
image2fogged.jpg display
image2fogged2.jpg display
image3.jpg display
imagethree.jpg display
imagethreedefog.jpg display
imagethreedefogged.jpg display
imagethreefog.jpg display
imagethreefogged.jpg display
lake.jpg display
lena.jpg display
mountains.jpg display
mountains2.jpg display
mountains_defogged.jpg display
orig edge detection.jpg display
orig fog.jpg display
orig-hist.jpg display
orig-image.jpg display
orig-lake.jpg display
orig-mult-hist.jpg display
orig-mult-image.jpg display
orig.jpg display
pep_four.jpg display
pep_one.jpg display
pep_three.jpg display
pep_two.jpg display
peppers.jpg display
peppers_fog.jpg display
plane.jpg display
road.jpg display
stretch hist1.jpg display
stretch hist13.jpg display
stretch hist14.jpg display
stretch hist2.jpg display
stretch hist23.jpg display
stretch hist24.jpg display
stretch hist3.jpg display
stretch hist33.jpg display
stretch hist34.jpg display
stretch hist4.jpg display
stretch hist43.jpg display
stretch hist44.jpg display
stretch hist5.jpg display
stretch hist52.jpg display
stretch hist53.jpg display
stretch hist54.jpg display
stretch1.jpg display
stretch13.jpg display
stretch14.jpg display
stretch2.jpg display
stretch23.jpg display
stretch24.jpg display
stretch3.jpg display
stretch33.jpg display
stretch34.jpg display
stretch4.jpg display
stretch43.jpg display
stretch44.jpg display
stretch5.jpg display
stretch52.jpg display
stretch53.jpg display
stretch54.jpg display
tatesun.jpg display
tatesun11.jpg display
tatesun12.jpg display
tatesun13.jpg display
tatesun14.jpg display
tatesun15.jpg display
tatesun16.jpg display
tatesun17.jpg display
tatesun18.jpg display
tatesun19.jpg display
tatesun22.jpg display
tatesun23.jpg display
tatesun25.jpg display
tatesun26.jpg display
tatesun28.jpg display
tatesun29.jpg display
three distance.jpg display
vary h and v edge.jpg display
vary h and v.jpg display
vary v edge detection.jpg display
vary v.jpg display