P07001: ARC Communication Board

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Running BOM

Running BOM as of 4-28-2007
Subgroup Part & Web Link Supplier Part # / Description Cost Status
Hardware Single Board Computer Acrosser AR-M9919B $190.00 Received
Compact Flash Card Kingston Standard Compact Flash 2GB Card $43.98 Received
Hard Drive Adapter CompUSA IDE Hard Drive Cable Adapter, 44 Pin Female to 40 Pin Male $10.79 Received
Inline fuse holder RadioShack 2701281 10-Amp Inline Fuse Holder for 1¼x¼" Fuses $2.49 Received
PK24 Tel Butt Con RadioShack 6403073 Crimp-On Telephone/Alarm Connectors (24-Pack) $1.99 Received
PK4 AGC 2.5 Amp RadioShack 2701008 2.5A 250V Fast-Acting 1¼x¼" Glass Fuse (4-Pack) $1.99 Received
PK4 2.5A SB Fuse RadioShack 2701024 2.5-Amp 250V 1¼x¼" SB Fuse (4-Pack) $2.99 Received
PK16 Butt 22-18Ga RadioShack 6403108 22-18 Gauge Insulated Crimp-On Butt Connector (16-Pack) $1.99 Received
PK16 Butt 16-14Ga RadioShack 6403109 16-14 Gauge Insulated Crimp-On Butt Connector (16-Pack) $1.99 Received
7.2V RC connector RadioShack 2300444 RC 7.2V Battery Pack Connector $9.98 Received
FFC 12-pin connector Raid Gear FRC100-12-12SS FFC - 12 pins 1.00mm pitch 12" length $11.99 PURCHASED
IDE Male Connector PC Cables 01810 IDC40 IDE MALE CONNECTOR (order #: 26860) $10.55 Received
Screen LCD/Touchscreen Elo TouchSystems ETL121C-7SWA-1 $600.00 DONATED
Power Battery Packs BatterySpace LIP-74V16AH-W Li-Ion Battery Module: 7.4V 15.6 Ah $349.32 Received
Software Row 1 Col 2
Casing Row 1 Col 2