P07001: ARC Communication Board

Industrial & System Sub-system

Table of Contents

Industrial & Systems Sub-System Page

Sub-system Lead: Salim Maani, ISE


This section contains all of the product benchmarking, websites investigated, & background information compiled for this project:
Competitive Benchmarking (MS Excel)


This section contains concepting & testing of the initial layouts for the GUI:

Software Interface Design(Adobe PDF)

Questionnaire Results Data(MS Excel)

T-test results on interface evaluation(MS Word)


This section contains sub-components of designs & specifications:
Link Length Diagram

Link Length Diagram

Design for Size of Print(MS Word)

Design for Reach(MS Word)

Communication Book

This section contains a listing of all pictures & sound files to appear on the touchscreen device:

Picture Themes(MS Excel)

Test Plan

This section contains the test plan outlined in SDI to evaluate our device:

Complete Test Plan(MS Word)

Arc Test Plan Results as of 5/15/07(MS Word)