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An individual was involved in a serious bicycle accident resulting in a spinal cord injury that has resulted in significant paralysis. Their left arm is totally paralyzed, they can only move their lower right arm, and they walk with difficulty They cannot lift their complex and heavy camera. They are able to use their computer, and can type with one finger and operate the mouse, although their dexterity has been severely compromised. If a method could be devised by which they could operate their digital camera again, their quality of life would be significantly improved.

Operating the camera requires the ability to accomplish two distinct tasks. The first is to adjust the camera settings, requiring the simultaneous use of both hands and significant dexterity; this can be accomplished through a computer interface. The second is to aim the camera (x,y,z, position and rotation) and adjust the zoom. The goals of this project are two fold: positioning and zooming the camera, while holding it steady enough to take a clear picture and providing a robust, and easily controlled user interface to manipulate the camera settings.

The focus of this project is the first task: manipulating the settings of the camera presuming that the camera can be positioned in a stable and manageable fashion and that the zoom adjustment of the lens can be provided for, preferably with a mechanical linkage that would accept a variety of lenses and that can be easily manipulated within the individual's physical capabilities. As discussed with the individual electronic control of the camera's settings will be accomplished via the development of a turnkey user interface that will use the camera's current remote control protocol (Firewire) that will provide a graphical user interface that can be manipulated using a touch screen and will mount in a flexible manner to the Mobile Camera Positioning Platform (P07004). The interface should have the capability of providing control signals for manipulating the zoom lens linkage if provided. It should also provide the capability of providing pre-configured settings as well as storage and recall of custom configurations. The unit should be weather resistant, easily viewable under a variety of lighting conditions and powered from a re-chargeable battery source. It should also be easily attached/detached from the Mobile Camera Positioning Platform (P07004). It should also be interfaceable with a standard personal computer for downloading/uploading of relevant information.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Award No. BES-0527358. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Award No. BES-0527358. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Team Member Discipline Role E-Mail Address
Elizabeth DeBartolo ME Guide eademe@rit.edu
Daniel Phillips EE Consultant dbpeee@rit.edu
Jennifer Grant EE Student jmg6223@rit.edu
Emmanuel Maceda EE Student eam1665@rit.edu
Chris Nimon EE Student cpn3604@rit.edu
Edward Yiu EE Student eay4903@rit.edu
Ruth Ayalon ME Student rda7082@rit.edu
Erin Gillespie ME Student emg3482@rit.edu
Claudia Forero ISE Student cmf4930@rit.edu

Mission Statement

The mission of this project is to ...

This project will be initiated during the Fall Quarter, 2006-1, with two other projects from the Assistive Devices family of projects in the Assistive Devices and Bioengineering Track. All three projects share a focus of providing a robust, configurable and easy to manipulate, embedded processor based user interface that will facilitate the activities of individuals with a particular physical challenge.

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P07004 Mobile Camera Positioning Platform 2006-2 TBD

Project Readiness Package

The Project Readiness Package Page documents customer needs and expectations, project deliverables (including time frame), budget, and personnel / organizations affiliated with the project. It will serve as the primary source of information for students necessary during Phase 0 (Planning) to develop a SD I plan and schedule including specific deliverables and due dates. The Project Readiness Package will also support Faculty evaluation of project suitability in terms of depth, scope, and student / faculty resources by discipline.

General Project Files

Bill of Materials & Budget

Bill of Materials 2/22/07 (MS Excel)

Budget 2/22/07 (MS Excel)

Senior Design I

Project Summary 2/16/07 (MS Word)

Camera Manual 2/16/07 (Adobe PDF)

Outline of Sub-functions 2/16/07 (MS Word)

High Risk Subsystems 2/16/07 (MS Excel)

Needs Assessment 2/16/07 (MS Word)

House of Quality 2-15-07 (MS Excel)

Customer List of Preference Settings 2/16/07 {MS Excel)

Concept Development 2/16/07 (MS Excel)

Final Presentation 2/16/07 (MS PowerPoint))

Senior Design II

Check List for Demo 2/16/07 (MS Excel)

Design Review 3 Contributions 2/16/07 (MS Word)

Customer Questionnaire 2/16/07 (MS Excel)

Test Document 2/14/07 (MS Word)

Software Test Document 2/16/07 (MS Word)

Manual 2/16/07 (MS Word)

Paper draft#3 2/16/07 (MS Word)

Final Poster Mobile Camera Control System 2/16/07 (MS PowerPoint)


Schedule Senior Design I 2/16/07 (MS Project)

Schedule Senior Design II 2-15-07 (MS Project)

Design Review Packets

First Design Review

Agenda 2/16/07 (MS Word)

High Risk Subsystems 2/16/07 ((MS Excel)

LCD Data Sheet 2/16/07 (Adobe PDF)

Main Screen Sample 2/16/07 (MS Word)

Mini ITX Operating Guide 2/16/07 (Adobe PDF)

Operating System and PC Board Selection 2/16/07 (MS Word)

Outline of Subsystems 2/16/07 (MS Word)

Second Design Review

Agenda Senior Design II 2/16/07 (MS Word)

Senior Design I Schedule 2/16/07 (MS Project)

Senior Design II Schedule 2/16/07 (MS Word)

Third Design Review

3rd Agenda 2/16/07 (MS Word)

Project Schedule Sr Design II 12/11/06 (MS Project)

Test Document 12/13/06 (MS Word)

Contingency Plans 02/11/06 (MS Word)

Final Report

Paper 2/19/07 (MS Word)

Appendices 2/19/07 (MS Word)

Poster 2/21/07 (Adobe PDF)

Software Documentation

Software Flowchart 2/20/07 (MS Visio)

Attempted Functions 2/20/07 (MS Word)


CAD Drawings


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