P07004: OBSOLETE - NEVER RAN - Mobile Camera Positioning Platform



An individual was involved in a serious bicycle accident resulting in a spinal cord injury that has resulted in significant paralysis. Their left arm is totally paralyzed, they can only move their lower right arm, and they walk with difficulty They cannot lift their complex and heavy camera. They are able to use their computer, and can type with one finger and operate the mouse, although their dexterity has been severely compromised. If a method could be devised by which they could operate their digital camera again, their quality of life would be significantly improved.

Operating the camera requires the ability to accomplish two distinct tasks. The first is to adjust the camera settings, requiring the simultaneous use of both hands and significant dexterity; this can be accomplished through a computer interface. The second is to aim the camera (x,y,z, position and rotation) and adjust the zoom. The goals of this project are two fold: positioning and zooming the camera, while holding it steady enough to take a clear picture and providing a robust, and easily controlled user interface to manipulate the camera settings.

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