P07021: Instrument to Detect Thromboemboli in Blood


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Instrument to Detect Thrombo-emboli in Blood

The heart is a mechanical organ that serves to pump blood through out the human body. The left ventricle within your heart is primarily responsible for completing this task. When the left ventricle is unable to produce the necessary pressure rise to circulate the blood it is said that a patient has Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). The RIT Blood Pump laboratory has developed a ventricular assist device to help CHF patients. When the pump components come in contact with the blood, fluid stresses arise and aid in the generation of thrombo-emboli. The main focus of this project was to develop a device to help detect and characterize these particles. The intended application of the thrombo-emboli detector will be to serve as a 'bench-top' device that could be used in the pre-clinical approval trials of various cardiac assist devices.

Team Members

Front (L to R): Carlos Cheek, Evelyn Adames, Eric Shyu; Back Row (L to R): Trevor Hyde, Thomas Fountain, Robert Mahar, Adam Wagner, Gabriela Noriega

Front (L to R): Carlos Cheek, Evelyn Adames, Eric Shyu; Back Row (L to R): Trevor Hyde, Thomas Fountain, Robert Mahar, Adam Wagner, Gabriela Noriega

Team Member Discipline Role Email
Steven Day ME Faculty Guide swdeme@rit.edu
Evelyn Adames ME Project/Documentation Manager exa0751@rit.edu
Carlos Cheek ME Assistant Manager/Systems Engineer cdc6549@rit.edu
Thomas Fountain ME Fluids Dynamicist txf8539@rit.edu
Maria Noriega EE Sensors and Data Acquisition mgn5422@rit.edu
Robert Mahar EE Analog Signal Processing & Systems Integration ram3139@rit.edu
Trevor Hyde EE Digital Signal Processing tjh6910@rit.edu
Adam Wagner EE Analog Signal Processing ajw1524@rit.edu
Eric Shyu CE Computer Hardware & Software eys3349@rit.edu


The Project Readiness Package documents customer needs and expectations, project deliverables (including time frame), budget, and personnel / organizations affiliated with the project.

Please also see Senior Design I for more planning and scheduling logistics.

Concept Development & Generation

The goal of our Senior Design team was develop a device that is capable of measuring potentially life threatening particles in the blood stream. The data provided by our thrombo-emboli detector will be used to optimize the heart pump design currently in testing by the RIT Blood Pump Team. During our second weekly Team Meeting held on 12/12/06 we met to discuss and identify potential technologies that could accomplish this goal. The group utilized an Affinity Diagram to help collect important design criteria for our project. This information along with other design documentation are included in our Concept Development Packet. The document outlines the steps taken to achieve a final design and outlines the thought process that the team utilized through out Senior Design I.

Team Documents & Deliverables

Please select a link below to view corresponding design documentation:

Senior Design I

Senior Design II

Team Pictures

Complete Drawing Package & Bill of Materials

Please refer to the Bill of Materials[1] (MS Excel) for a complete listing of purchased items. The accompanying invoice number and documentation can be found here.

The Drawing Package contains system drawings for the fluids rig and optical design setup.

Manuals & Supporting Documentation

Documentation for the purchased components as well as instructional manuals on how to use and troubleshoot the system can be found on the Manuals page.


Our team would like to thank our project sponsor Dr. Day as well as our mentors Dr. Phillips, Dr. Borkholder and Dr. Kotlarchyk for their continued support and guidance.

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