P07021: Instrument to Detect Thromboemboli in Blood

Senior Design II

Table of Contents

Required Documents

Week 1: Discovery

  1. Eleven Week Project Breakdown (MS Project)
  2. Eleven Week Functional Project Breakdown (MS Visio)

Week 2: Detailed Design Review

  1. P07021:Agenda (MS Word)
  2. P07021:Test Plan (MS Word)
  3. P07021:Contingency Plan (MS Word)
  4. P07021:Dynamic Variables Resource Bank (MS Excel)

Week 8: Functional Design Review

  1. P07021:Design Review Document (MS Word)

Week 9: Team Poster & Conference Paper

  1. P07021:Team Poster (MS PPT)
  2. P07021:Conference Paper (MS Word)

Week 10: Final Design Review

  1. P7021:Final Review Presentation (MS PPT)
Documents Included:
High Level Customer Needs
Engineering Specifications
System Overview & Design
Product Development Process

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