P07103: METEOR Instrumentation Platform


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P07103: METEOR Instrumentation Platform

Project Meteor

Project Meteor

This is a project within the Aerospace Systems Technology Track. .
Team Member Discipline Role email address
Dorin Patru EE Guide dxpeee@rit.edu
Peter Rozwood EE Power Management pjr6829@rit.edu
Adam Gutterman EE 2m Transceiver gutterman@gmail.com
Rashmi Shah EE Software rashmi7@gmail.com
Matt Lipschutz EE Project Manager/OSD llipschutz@gmail.com
Jessica DeSignor EE RF Power Amp JessicaDeSignor@gmail.com
Rick Frisicano ME Thermal Analysis rick@sydorinstruments.com

Meteor Mission Statement

Meteor is the first, university-based, project in the world whose ultimate goal is to launch and place small payloads on near earth asteroids and lunar surfaces. Meteor is a hands-on, multi-phase, multi-disciplinary, teaching, and research program for investigating and developing micro-systems engineering, science, and technologies for the exploration and utilization of outer space. The central focus of the project is the launching of a series of small payloads into low earth orbit, the low earth orbit re-launch and control of these payloads toward the moon or near earth asteroids, the landing of these payloads on the surfaces and the data acquisition and remote control of these payloads during the scientific research phase of each mission. This project will provide the students and faculty at RIT, and the scientific community at large, the opportunity to obtain small payload volumes for conducting micro-systems and other scientific experiments in outer space. Meteor will accommodate and promote these multi-disciplinary collaborations.

Project Readiness Package

The Project Readiness Package Page documents customer needs and expectations, project deliverables (including time frame), budget, and personnel / organizations affiliated with the project. It will serve as the primary source of information for students necessary during Phase 0 (Planning) to develop a SD I plan and schedule including specific deliverables and due dates. The Project Readiness Package will also support Faculty evaluation of project suitability in terms of depth, scope, and student / faculty resources by discipline.
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Concept Development

One Page Project Summary(MS Word)

11 week Project Schedule Fall 06-07(MS Excel)

11 Week Project Schedule Spring 06-07(MS Excel)

11 week Project Schedule Spring 06-07 [detailed](MS Excel)

Alternative Solutions-Improvments(MS Word)

Design Specification(MS Excel)

Functional Decomposition(MS Visio)

List of critical subfunctions(MS Word)

Needs Assessment(MS Word)

Roles & Responsibilities(MS Excel)

Final Design Review SD1

Design Review Agenda(MS Word)

Presentation(MS Power Point)

Presentation Attachment(Media File)

Subsystems Fall Quarter

BOM Data link(MS Excel)

Communication Platform PDR(MS Word)

IP data link 1.3 Schematic(ExpressSCH)


BOM Microcontroller(MS Excel)

Flowchart(MS Word)

Microcontroller Schematic(ExpressSCH)

Microcontroller Schematic 2(Image)

Microcontroller Overview(MS Word)

On Screen Display

OSD Schematic 2(Image)

Video Schematic(ExpressSCH)

VideoSystemFlowchart(MS Word)

VideoWriteup(MS Word)

Power Management

One page type up(MS Word)

BOM Power Budget(MS Excel)

Power analysis on 05-06 Project(MS Excel)

Power Schematic(ExpressSCH)

Thermal Analysis

Platform (external)(Image)

Platform (Interal)(Image)

Platform (external2)(Image)

Platform (Thermal)(Image)

Platform (Thermal2)(Image)

Platform (Thermal3)(Image)

HeatFlux(Media File)



Transient1(Media File)

Video Subsystem

436CP42 UG Circ. Pol. Yagi(MS Word)

Comet SBB-1 Antenna(MS Word)

MX72H Triplexer(MS Word)

RF Power Amp Schematic(ExpressSCH)

Snr Calculations(MS Excel)

Transmitter Board Schematic(ExpressSCH)

Video Subsystem Overview(MS Word)

Final Design Review SD2

IP Poster(MS Power Point)

Meteor SD2 Final Presentation(MS Power Point)

P07103_Conference_Paper(MS Word)

Subsystems Spring Quarter

IP data link board only 2.1 Printed Circuit Board(ExpressPCB)

IP data link board only 2.1 Schematic(ExpressSCH)


IP Controller Final Documentation(MSWord)

IP Controller Software(Text File)

IP Controller 4.0 Schematic(ExpressSCH)

IP Controller 4.0 Printed Circuit Board(ExpressPCB)

BOM Rev 4.0(MS Excel)

On Screen Display

OSD Printed Circuit Board(ExpressPCB)

OSD Schematic(ExpressSCH)

Temp Sensors Printed Circuit Board(ExpressPCB)

VideoMux Printed Circuit Board(ExpressPCB)

VideoMux Schematic(ExpressSCH)

Power Management

BOM Power Budget SDII(MS Excel)

PCB layout, power, rev5 Printed Circuit Board(ExpressPCB)

Schematic, Power, Rev 1 Schematic(ExpressSCH)

Thermal Analysis



Video Subsystem

Project METEOR Transmitter Board BOM(MS Excel)

Transmitter Board REV4 Printed Circuit Board(ExpressPCB)

Transmitter Board REV4 Schematic(ExpressSCH)

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