P07107: METEOR Mission Control Procedures

P07107 Resources

Design Overview:

Main Concepts
To learn the basic concepts about the Missions Control Procedures project, this link will tell you all you need to know to understand what the team has to do.

Team Members:
We are three team members coming from three different fields (Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering). The first thing we did as a team was to divide the Roles and Responsibilities so each one of as would be in charge of an specific area of the project but at the same time working together to reach a common goal.

Break Down: The interface had a large number of subsections. Each subsection had several characteristics. If the team did not want to miss any details, there was a need of creating a break down for both the system and the program. This helped to have everything taking into account so the interface was optimal in every single level. Once all the ideas where separated into groups, it was easier to understand each individual section.

Evaluations: At first the team was not sure of what software to use, we knew the characteristics that the software needed to have. However, the team wanted to know in depth which features of the software will give the team's interface a better result. To do so, the team evaluated each individual need with a different weight depending on its importance. Furthermore, the needs were matched to the possible improvements that the project will obtain with such a need. These evaluations can be better understood on the Analysis listed below.

Planning is the process of thinking about the activities required to create a desired future on some scale. In order to have a good plan, the team organized all the required needs that will create a successful interface. Then, we evaluated the software that the team chose in order to fully recognize that all the basic requirements were covered. Moreover, the Engineering Specifications show a more detailed list of all the needs by subdividing them into groups.

After evaluating the software, an eleven week plan was put together to have several deadlines throughout the quarter and make sure that our goal was reached on time.

When the team had to present to the customer what was accomplished after ther first half of the project, a Power Point presentation was shown. It gives a complete overview of the achievements obtained through the first 11 weeks.

Having the interface design completed was a great achievement. Seing that all the needs planned at the begging stages of the project where fully achieved. However in order to prove that the interface design was a complete success, the team had to run two validations test to prove that all the specifications asked by the costumer were covered.

It is not only important to have an interface up and running but also have the best possible way of presenting it. The team created a survey analyzing the two best possible ideas in which the procedures could be presented. If you are one the team members of one of the METEOR groups and have some free time, the Mission Control Procedures will really appreciate your collaboration towards this issue. If submitted please email to one of the three team members in order to give us some feedback.

Web Design Usability:

To create the most usable interface design, the team was focus into the 10 ideas listed below which present the characteristics of a optimal interface design. With them, the team discussed design options which will increase as much as possible each one of these ten ideas.

Just as the team did on the first half of the project, now there is a new plan to achieve new goals. With the help of each individual team on the METEOR family the Mission Control Procedures team will be able to accomplish all our needs.

We have the METEOR's family schedule. If you are still not on it, please send us an email with your regular meeting schedule and we will include you.


This document gives you an idea of what types of Procedures and information our team is looking to gather from each of the other METEOR Teams.

Instrumentation Platform Topic Breakdown:
This document lists the breakdown of procedures needed and there corresponding category.

Here you can view several of the logo prototypes that we have worked on. The logo displays many of the systems involved in the METEOR project including the instrumentation platform, the satelite, balloon and rocket.

Conference Paper