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Welcome to the 10kg Motor Module Design History File. Here you will find a detailed history of the design process followed by the 10 kilogram motor module team.

The website has been divided into sections which correspond to the major subsystems of the module. These subsystems correspond to sections of the subversion repository which the team has kept up to date. All files you find linked on these pages reside in the subversion repository. We recommend that you check out a copy of the repository using a subversion client such as TortoiseSVN since not all design documents in the repository are linked on this website. For help setting up or using a subversion client, please see the Resources Super-Project.

Mission Statement

As is stated in the Project Readiness Package "The mission of the Vehicle Systems Technology Track of projects is to develop a land-based, scalable, modular open architecture, open source, full instrumented robotic/remote controlled vehicular platform for use in a variety of education, research & development, and outreach applications within and beyond the RIT KGCOE. This project should use an engineering design process to develop modules and subsytems that can be integrated by subsequent senior design teams.

The mission of this student team is to develop a fully functional, scalable motor module subsystem for use on the 10 kg (RP10) robotic vehicular platform. The team must provide complete documentation of the analysis, design, manufacturing, fabrication, test, and evaluation of this subsystem to a level of detail that a subsequent team can build upon their work with no more than one week of background research."

The Team


Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

Team Member Discipline Role email address
Wayne Walter ME Guide wwweme@rit.edu
Jeff Webb ME Consultant jbw3914@rit.edu
George Slack EE Consultant gbseee@rit.edu
Andy Bucci EE Power Electronics Lead amb2656@rit.edu
Mark Kaupa EE Power Electronics and Safety Support mak3090@rit.edu
Zachary Lalone EE Microcontroller Lead zdl4751@rit.edu
David Majka EE Microcontroller Support dam3420@rit.edu
Mike Anderson EE Power Electronics and Safety Support mfa3290@rit.edu
Lindley Garcia EE Microcontroller Support ljg6519@rit.edu
Nicholos Mackos ME 7201 Project Manager nam6974@rit.edu
Jonathan Wilkinson ME Mechanical Subsystem Lead J.B.Wilkinson@gmail.com

Documents of Interest / Deliverables

Senior Design I

Preliminary Design Review

Design Email Correspondence for PDR

Final Design Review

Senior Design II

Final Design Review II

System Level Design History File

Functional Decomposition

System Functional Decomposition

System Functional Decomposition

Renderings of the Module Created for SDII FDR

https://edge.rit.edu/websvn/filedetails.php?repname=P07201&path=%2FMechanical%2FUp+to+date+Solidworks+Documents%2FRenderings%2FMotor+Module+Assembly.JPG https://edge.rit.edu/websvn/filedetails.php?repname=P07201&path=%2FMechanical%2FUp+to+date+Solidworks+Documents%2FRenderings%2FMotor+Mount+Assembly.JPG

The Finished Module

https://edge.rit.edu/websvn/filedetails.php?repname=P07201&path=%2FSDIIDeliverables%2FSDPicsforPoster%2FSoldworks+Module.JPG https://edge.rit.edu/websvn/filedetails.php?repname=P07201&path=%2FSDIIDeliverables%2FSDPicsforPoster%2FFinished+Module.JPG

CAD Files

CAD Files were originally created using Solidworks 2007, and can be found in the team's subversion repository in /mechanical/up to date solidworks documents. Links are provided below for your convenience.

*Note: To use any of the Solidworks 2007 models, you must check out the subversion repository, and open the copy of the file local to your hard drive. Links to IGES and STEP file formats (industry standard cross platform formats) are provided above and the single linked assembly file encompasses all of the parts and subassemblies.

Subsystem Design History Files

Mechanical System


Lead - Jonathan Wilkinson - J.B.Wilkinson@gmail.com

Detailed Mechanical Workspace

Power Electronics

This subsystem includes:

- Batteries

- Power Distribution

- Motor Drivers and Motors

Lead: Andy Bucci

Support: Mark Kaupa, Mike Anderson

Detailed Power Electronics Workspace

Microcontroller Integration



-Motor System Control

-System Monitoring and Diagnostic Maintenance

Detailed Control System Workspace

Safety System

Subsystem Includes:

Lead - Mark Kaupa - mak3090@rit.edu

Support - Mike Anderson - mfa3290@rit.edu

Detailed Safety System Workspace

Future Work

This section details suggested future work and improvements: Future Work


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