P07303: Wireless comm PC104 to Base station


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FUTURE P07303: Wireless communications platform

This project will be initiated during the Winter Quarter, 2006-2 or Fall Quarter, 2007-1. This is a project within the Systems & Controls Technology Track, to develop a Modular, Scalable, Open Architecute Microcontroller based Platform for Vehicle and Robot wireless communications.

Future Staffing
Team Member Discipline Role email address
George Slack EE Guide gbseee@rit.edu
Pratapa Reddy CE Consultant pvreee@rit.edu
Ed Hensel ME Customer echeme@rit.edu
TBD Student CE
TBD Student CE
TBD Student EE
TBD Student EE
TBD Student EE
TBD EE This project will be initiated during the Fall Quarter, 2007-1.
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Project Title Start Term End Term
P07301 Systems and Controls: Vehicle Data Acquisition (DAQ) Subsystem 2006-1 TBD
P07302 Systems and Controls: Motor Controller Subsystem 2007-1 TBD
P07200 Vehicle Systems Technology Track 2006-1 On-going
P07201 Motor Module - Robotic Platform 10kg (RP10) 2006-1 2006-2
P07202 Motor Module - Robotic Platform 100kg (RP10) 2006-1 2006-2

Project Readiness Package

The Project Readiness Page defines customer needs and expectations, project deliverables (including time frame), budget, and personnel / organizations affiliated with the project. It will serve as the primary source of information for students necessary during Phase 0 (Planning) to develop a SD I plan and schedule including specific deliverables and due dates. The Project Readiness Package will also support Faculty evaluation of project suitability in terms of depth, scope, and student / faculty resources by discipline.

Original P07303 Project Readiness Document

Team Work Space

Note: Some typical documents listed below as examples. Or you may want to organize such documents under one the following Development headers where the document is most relevant.

Archived Source Code 1/16/07 Ver 2.14 .asm

24 bit PIC Processor - manufacturer's spec .pdf

ADC and anti-alaising concept feasibility

article on CAN bus .pdf

Article from Circuit Cellar website - Java Accelerators .pdf

Weekly Team Meeting Minutes & Actions - Archive

Meet at Jason's on Wednesdays at 9:30 PM

wk 2

wk 3

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MSD I Course Documents - Released for Grading

Note: Have a separate location for documents you want me to grade. Once graded, delete from this "Released for Grading" header so a team member does not inadvertantly update that document or a better solution is to make a pdf for release. That is, continue to maintain the "orignial documents" on your wiki site throughout the two quarters as more becomes available.

Schedule/ Project Plan pdf

Customer Needs pdf

Design Specifications pdf

MSD I Deliverables Under Development and General Workspace

Note: Refer to: EDGE/ MSD I/ Deliverables wiki page. This wiki page describes the specific elements, processes and documents for each engineering design phase listed below. Attempt to start tasks ahead of when needed. Your schedule will be more specific.

Phase 0 Planning wks 1-3

Schedule/ Project Plan xls

3 wk schedule xls

Phase 1 Concept Development wks 1-3

Customer Needs

Design Specifications xls

Concept Drawings, Functional Diagram

Phase 1 Concept Development wks 4

Concepts and Feasibilty of Concepts

Phase 2 System Level Design wk 5

Pre-read Concept Review Rev 1

Phase 2 System Level Design wk 6-7

PIC website

Phase 3 Detail Design wk 8-9

Phase 3 Detail Design wk 10

Project Review ppt

MSD II Schedule - wk 10 xls

Planning and Status

10 week Schedule - Most Recent, updated weekly

Schedule xls

Weekly Status Meeting with Prof. Slack - (post at least 4 hrs before meeting)

Weekly Status Template

status sheet wk 6

status sheet wk 7

status sheet wk 8

status sheet wk 9

status sheet wk 10