P07304: Wireless Battlefield Communication System


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P07304: Cable Free Warfighter

This is a project within the Systems & Controls Technology Track, to develop a Modular, Scalable, Open Architecture Platform for Harris RF Communications.

Team Member Discipline Role email address
George Slack EE Guide gbseee@rit.edu
Pratapa Reddy CE Consultant pvreee@rit.edu
Greg DeKing Harris Customer gdeking@harris.com
Mike Landers CE Team Member mjl9320@rit.edu
Tim Sileo EE Team Member tas4066@rit.edu
Dave Howig EE Team Member djh4956@rit.edu
Cory Fitzsimmons EE Team Member cnf3101@rit.edu
Beth Dombrowski EE Team Member ead7946@rit.edu
Jarrod Adams EE Team Member jpa2325@rit.edu

Mission Statement

Design, build, and test a wireless voice and data communications system to form a cable free data and voice system for tactical military radios. Many domestic and international military organizations are interested in this functionality. Wireless voice and data system that can provide secure, convenient, and reliable communications for tactical radios in the field is needed.

The system will consist of 4 major sub-systems; Radio Interface Unit (RIU), Wireless Push-to-Talk (WPTT), Wireless Personal Data Assistant (WPDA), and Wireless Headset and Microphone (WHS)

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Project Title Start Term End Term
P07100 Aerospace Systems Technology Track 2006-1 On-going

Project Readiness Package

The P07304 Project Readiness Package link below defines customer needs and expectations, project deliverables (including time frame), budget, and personnel / organizations affiliated with the project. It will serve as the primary source of information for students necessary during Phase 0 (Planning) to develop a SD I plan and schedule including specific deliverables and due dates. The Project Readiness Package will also support Faculty evaluation of project suitability in terms of depth, scope, and student / faculty resources by discipline.

P07304 Project Readiness Package Document

Concept Development

One Page Project Summary

Needs Assessment

Engineering Metrics Spreadsheet Save file and change extension to .xls

Block Diagrams

Functional Decomposition

High Level Diagram


Roles & Responsibilities Save file and change extension to .xls

SDI Project Plan: Concept Development Save file and change extension to .xls

SD2 Project Plan: Implementation Save file and change extension to .xls

Design Reviews

Design Review I Preparation

Senior Design Review I

Design Review I Postmortem

Preparation for Design Review II

Critical Design Review II

Design Review II Postmortem

Meeting Minutes (SDI)

Sept. 11 Meeting: Customer Meeting and Needs Assessment

Sept. 15 Meeting: ZB vs. BT

Sept. 18 Meeting: Administrative

Sept. 22 Meeting: Workshop, Subfunctions

Sept. 25 Meeting: Intermediate Customer Review

Sept. 27 Meeting: Subgroup update

Sept. 29 Meeting: Evaluation Boards

Oct. 2 Meeting: Updates

Oct. 4 Meeting: Document Review

Oct. 6 Meeting: Update with Prof. Slack

Oct. 9 Meeting: Design Review Preparation and Schematic Overview

Oct. 13 Meeting: Senior Design Review I

Oct. 16 Meeting: Design Review Postmortem and New Team Divisions

Oct. 20 Meeting: Progress on Schematics and Software

Oct. 23 Meeting: Preparing for Design Review 2

Oct. 27 Meeting: Critical Senior Design I Review

Oct. 30 Meeting: Design Review II Post Mortem

Nov. 3 Meeting: Updates and Loose Ends

SDI Weekly Reports

Week 3 Summary

Week 4 Summary

Week 5 Summary

Week 6 Summary

Week 7 Summary

Week 8 Summary

Week 9 Summary

SDII Weekly Reports

Week 2 Summary

Week 3 Summary

Week 4 Summary

Week 5 Summary

Week 6 Summary

Week 7 Summary

Week 8 Summary

Week 9 Summary

Preliminary Hardware Design Synthesis


Component Requirements

Preliminary Software Design Synthesis

Software FlowChart

Software Architecture

Display Screens


Radio Interface Unit

Wireless Headset

Wireless PDA

Wireless PTT

Test Plans

Test Plan

Final Documentation


Technical Paper