P07306: Audible Memo Board

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1 Page Project Summary 12 display
3 Week Schedule 12 display
Engineering Specs 1 display
Engineering Specs 12 display
Need Statement 1 display
Need Statement 12 display
Role & Responsibilities 12 display
Roles & Responsibilities 12 display
Roles and Responsibilities 12 display
Team Schedule 1 display
1 Page Project Summary display
Additional Engineering Specifications XLS display
BOM 3-23-07 display
Clock Chip Psuedo-code display
Clock Chip Specification display
Code for Alex display
Color Prints Rev 1 display
Complete BOM display
Complete BOM XLS display
Concept Peer Review Minutes display
Concept Review PreRead display
Conference Paper 07306 display
Conference Paper Ammendment 07306 display
Customer Prototype 3-30-07 display
Design Schematic display
Drawing Package Rev 1 display
Drawing Package Rev 2 display
Electrical BOM display
Electrical Technical Design display
Engineering Specifications 01-24-07 XLS display
Engineering Specifications 1-24-07 XLS display
Fianl Drawing Package 07306 (.pdf) display
Final BOM display
Final BOM (.xls) display
Final Drawing Package 07306 (.pdf) display
Final Schematic display
Flow Charts display
Heat Analysis Calculator XLS display
Heat Analysis Results display
Home display
Issue Tracking 1-26-07 XLS display
Keyboard Ribbon Cable Diagram (.xls) display
Mechanical BOM with Website Prints Rev 1 display
Meeting Notes 1-26-07 display
Meeting Notes 2-2-07 display
Meeting Notes 2-23-07 display
Meeting Notes 2-9-07 display
Meeting Notes 3-1-07 display
Meeting Notes 3-16-07 display
Meeting Notes 4-27-07 display
Need Statement display
Need Statment display
Needs Statement 01-24-07 display
Picture File 1 (.zip) display
Picture File 2 (.zip) display
Poster 07306 (.ppt) display
Pre-Amp Design Circuitry display
Pro Engineer Files (.zip) display
Project Readiness Package display
Project Review Slides display
SDII Plan display
Team Schedule 01-24-07 R2 XLS display
Team Schedule 01-24-07 XLS display
Team Schedule 02-01-07 R3 XLS display
Team Schedule 02-22-07 R4 XLS display
Updated Code for Alex display
User Guide display
Websites of Interest display
What to bring Week 6 display
What to bring Week 6 1-26-07 display
What to bring Week 7 2-2-07 display