P07307: Controls for Dynamic Suspension


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P07307: Controls for Dynamic Suspension

Dirt track race cars generally require a large amount of adjustability in their suspension due to the variances in each track banking degree, corner radii, clay composition, roughness, etc. In addition to each track being unique and requiring a separate suspension setup, any given track will change moisture content, surface roughness and surface hardness as an event progresses which will also necessitate changes in the vehicle suspension. In extreme cases, one corner may require one setup, while another corner requires a very different setup. If the vehicle's setup is not properly balanced for the current track conditions, the vehicle will experience understeer, oversteer, poor bump response, and/or lack of stability. A key to winning in these types of races is keeping the suspension optimized for the current track conditions. The suspension must be capable of absorbing the bumps and ruts in the clay surface while maintaining a balanced setup and keeping the vehicle stable. The degree of suspension change required to meet these guidelines at all times requires an active suspension component.

Team Member Discipline Role email address
George Slack EE Guide gbseee@rit.edu
Jim Morgan Sponsor Customer ahi@wnyti.com
Mark Hopkins EE EE Consultant maheee@rit.edu
Roy Melton CE CE Consultant rwmeec@rit.edu
Mark Kempski ME ME Consultant mhkeme@rit.edu
Mark Lifson CE Team Lead mal7557@rit.edu
Todd Simon EE Technical Lead trs1652@rit.edu
Kapil Chandersen EE Engineer I kxc2316@rit.edu
Khue Ho EE Technical Tester khueho@gmail.com

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Original Project Readiness Document

Team Reference Material


Suspension (DOC) - This file introduces suspension and shock absorber


HCS12 ATD Sampling (DOC) - This file contains information on the Freescale board and how the ATD works and samples.

HCS12 Board Tutorial (PDF) - This file gives an overview of the Freescale board and details the specifications of the board.

Spec Sheets

MC9S12DT256 Freescale (PDF) - This spec sheet is for the Freescale board.

ADXL320JCP-ND Dual Axis Accelerometer (PDF) - This spec sheet is for the dual axis accelerometer.

ADXL103CE-ND Single Axis Accelerometer (PDF) - This spec sheet is for the single axis accelerometer.

AT28C64B 64k EEPROM (PDF) - This spec sheet is for 64K EEPROM memory.

2N6040-D Darlington BJT (PDF) - This spec sheet is for Darlington Power BJT that controls current through shock.

Fuse Holder (PDF) - This spec sheet is for the PCB fuse holder.

LORD MR Fluid (PDF) - This spec sheet is for the Magneto Rheological fluid contained in the dynamic shock.

lis3lv02dl Triple Axis Accelerometer (PDF) - This spec sheet is for the SPI/IIC digital accelerometer.

Fuse Holder (PDF) - This spec sheet is for the PCB fuse holder.

Yaw Rate Sensor (PDF) - This spec sheet is for the Yaw Rate Gyro Sensor used to detect turns.

LM317-D Voltage Regulator (PDF) - This spec sheet is for the voltage regulator to supply the electronics.



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