P07402: UV-Tube Water Disinfection Project

Engineering Analysis

Table of Contents

UV Irradiance Justification

This is a model to determine the UV dosage experienced by the water. It is a function of the geometry of the tube as well as the time it is exposed to the radiation.

Irradiance summary: This is a summary of the model, assumptions used, and a plot of results

Irradiance model: This is the deailed equations used and the results obtained.

Irradiance locations: This shows the calculated dosage at several locations in the tube.

Flow rate determination

In order to obtain the appropriate flow rate (the intended rate is 4 liters per minute), a proper hole size for the water inlet was determined.

Flow analysis

Life Cycle Assessment

The life cycle impacts of the product were evaluated, where the functional unit is one year's worth of disinfected water. There was no transportation considered for the components, and the device was landfilled at the end of its life.

Life Cycle Assessment Summary

Design for Assembly

Because users should be able to build this device themselves, the ease of manufacture and assembly was evaluated. The main aspects considered were the number of parts, fasteners, and number of top-down operations of the original and updated designs.

Design for Assembly

Electrical Analysis

The power requirements, battery size, and solar panel size were determined for the system.

Solar Calculations