P07402: UV-Tube Water Disinfection Project

Generate Product Concepts

Table of Contents

Functional Diagram

A functional diagram was developed to show material and energy input/output. Also through this process, three sub-functions were identified:
Water Input / Filtration
Tube Cavity
Power Systems

Initial Concept Development

The team participated in initial concept development, focusing on the three subfunctions identified above. Through branstorming and group discussion, the following ideas were initially developed/considered:
Water Input/Filtration
Tube Cavity
Power Systems

Concept Development Refined

These concepts were further discussed and refined to develop several specific concepts, as shown below categorized by subfunction.

Water Input/Filtration

Both batch and continuous flow were considered for water filtration. Five main concepts were developed:
Terracotta Pot with Sand
Fast Filtering Mesh
Purchased Bag Filters
Commercial In-Line Filters

Tube Cavity

The driving idea behind the tube cavity concepts was to create a design which facilitates the construction and maintenance of the device. Material selection was also considered. There were two main concepts developed:
Tube with Removable Lid
Frame Support With Cover

Power Systems

There are two sources of power for the device. It may be connected to the grid (in a very similar manner to the current design), or powered from an alternative source. The alternative sources considered are solar and human powered DC generator input.
Power Diagram - Grid
Power Diagram - Alternative

The DC Generator power concept necessitates a mechanical system to transmit mechanical power into the motor/generator. Several concepts were developed, and are listed below.

DC Generator Power Inputs
Fan Turbine
Flywheel - Handcrank
Bike Pedal