P07402: UV-Tube Water Disinfection Project

Identify Customer Needs

Table of Contents

Customer Needs Development Process

To develop the customer needs, the team first read about similar projects which have been completed at other universities. They also spoke with various individuals about their experiences and insight into the project. Dr. Andres Carrano and Dr. Brian Thorn have experience installing a unit in Venezuela. The team also met with Ms. Sarah Brownell who has played a key role in developing and implementing these devices in both Haiti and Mexico.

The team participated in an affinity diagramming activity where all the team members generated ideas, which where then organized into affinity groups. After further refining of the groups, these were then categorized based on their relative importance. These groups are labed "first tier," "second tier," and "third tier." Through team discussion, each individual need was assigned an importance value of 1, 3, or 9, where a higher number represents a more important need. Below is the finalized list of customer needs, organized by affinity grouping and importance level.

Prioritized Customer Needs

First Tier Needs

Simple Design
Number Customer Need Importance
1 The device is easy to install 9
2 The device is easy to use 9
3 Users can build the device themselves 9
4 The device can be used by smaller person/child 3
5 The user will know when the water is flowing 1
6 The user will know if the device is on/off 9
Number Customer Need Importance
7 The device is easy to repair 9
8 The device is easy to clean 9
9 The device is easy to take apart 3
Number Customer Need Importance
10 The device is safe against electric shock 9
11 The device is safe against UV exposure 9
12 The device is child-proof 9
13 The device sterilizes water 9
Low Cost
Number Customer Need Importance
14 The device is inexpensive 9

Second Tier Needs

Number Customer Need Importance
15 The device doesn't need power grid 9
16 The device attaches to a sink 3
17 The device can plug into wall 3
18 The device has accessories (filters) 9
19 The device has an adaptable fluid input 3
Number Customer Need Importance
20 The device doesn't clog 9
21 The device does not leak 9
Number Customer Need Importance
22 The device lasts a long time 9
23 The device is sturdy 9
Local Materials
Number Customer Need Importance
24 The device is easy to build with available parts 3
25 The user can fix it with local materials 9
Environmentally Friendly
Number Customer Need Importance
26 The device is environmentally benign 3

Third Tier Needs

Number Customer Need Importance
27 The device works well @ high temps/humidity 1
28 The device is power efficient 3
29 The device is fast 9
Number Customer Need Importance
30 The device is portable 1
31 The device is lightweight 1
32 The device is as small as possible 3
Number Customer Need Importance
33 The device looks good 1
34 The materials doesn't stain easily 1
Good Water
Number Customer Need Importance
35 The water has a good taste 3
36 It produces clear water 3
37 The water is odor-free 3
Number Customer Need Importance
38 The documentation uses universal symbols 3
39 The documentation is multilingual 3
40 An operations and maintenance manual is provided 3