P07402: UV-Tube Water Disinfection Project

Inital Design

Table of Contents

The initial design is as follows:


This design implements a filtration system which consists of a sand filter coupled with a bag filter. A stainless steel tube remains open on the top so that the bulb can be recessed into it, and the whole tube is enclosed in a wooden box to prevent any UV light leakage. The device makes use of a "safety switch" so that the water valve cannot be opened if the bulb is not first switched on. The magnetic ballast and starter of the previous design were replaced by one single ballast with starter included.

The bill of materials was developed alongside the product design, and the total cost for one tube was determined to be approximately $126. This can be found below:

Bill of Materials_1

System Diagrams

System Layout_1 (dwg 0)

Wood Frame Assembly_1 (dwg 15)

Standard Parts_1 (dwg 16)

System Assembly_1 (dwg 17)

Filter Assembly_1 (dwg 18)

Tube Assembly_1 (dwg 19)

Detailed Drawings

The following drawings include critical dimensions for any modified parts.

Bucket_1 (dwg 1)

Filter Bucket_1 (dwg 2)

SS Tube_1 (dwg 3)

Rubber Gasket_1 (dwg 4)

Bottlecap Flow Resitrictor_1 (dwg 5)

Tin Can_1 (dwg 6)

Bucket Lid_1 (dwg 7)

Wooden frame parts

Wood Frame Top (dwg 8)

Wood Frame Bottom_1 (dwg 9)

Wood Frame Back_1 (dwg 10)

Wood Frame Front Top_1 (dwg 11)

Wood Frame Front Bottom_1 (dwg 12)

Wood Frame Front Sides_1 (dwg 13)

Wood Frame Side_1 (dwg 14)

Wood Frame Assembly_1 (dwg 15)

Electrical Diagrams

The following wiring diagrams_1 are schematic representations of the two possible power setups. One is the baseline AC setup which will draw power from the grid. The second is a solar panel and battery setup to run the UV bulb.

Design Review

At a design review on February 16, 2007, the design was discussed and reviewed by the design team, Dr. Jim Taylor, Dr. Brian Thorn, and Dr. Andres Carrano. The following list of issues was developed, and their subsequent resolutions are listed below:

Design Review Issues and Feedback