P07402: UV-Tube Water Disinfection Project

Product Testing

Table of Contents

Detailed Test Plans

The following test plans were established to test various aspects of the system:

Biological Water Test Plan

Flow Rate Test Plan

Usability Test Plan

Filter Test Plan

AC Input Test Plan

DC (Solar) Input Test Plan

DC (Solar) Output Test Plan

Test Results

After rigorous testing, the following results were determined. From this information, design changes were made, and a beta prototype was constructed with the suggested changes.

Biological Water Testing

The system was tested using the MS2 coliphage, and was proven to provide a UV dosage well above the required limit for drinking water.

Biological Test Results & Conclusions

Biological Assay Data

The NSF/ANSI regulation is that UV disinfection provide a dosage of 400 J/m^2. The teest on this system averaged to 1300 J/m^2.


(ref: http://rael.berkeley.edu/old-site/uvtube/)

Flow Rate

With a 1/4" hole drilled in the orifice plate, the flow rate is safely set at 3.7 L/min.

Flow Rate Test Results & Conclusions

Flow Rate Data


The device is easy to use intuitively; 100% of people tested said that it was easy or very easy to operate.

Ease of Use Results & Conclusions

The ease of manufacturing and assembly was tested by several subjects.

Ease of Construction Results & Conclusions


Different filter materials were tested for effectiveness in reduing water turbidity. The resolution is that four layers of canvas cloth is sufficient to bring the turbidity to an acceptable value.

Filter Test Results & Conclusions

Filter Test Data

Electrical Testing

Alternative Power

The solar panel and battery were tested for use with the system. A 300 mA, 4.5 watt panel is sufficient to charge an 8 Amp-Hour battery off of which the device is run.

Solar System Results & Conclusions

Solar Data

AC, grid-powered system In addition, a few different ballasts were purchased and tested. The following document contains information about a magnetic versus electronic ballast, including test data, advantages, and wiring diagrams for each.

Ballast Testing and Analysis