P07402: UV-Tube Water Disinfection Project

Updated Design

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Updated Design

Following the initial technical review at the end of Senior Design I, the design was modified and finalized. Some of the major changes are highlighted in the drawing below:


Finalized Design

After still more revisions following product testing, the finalized design was developed. In this design, the following improvements were made:

Design Details

Drawing package: this contains all of the technical drawings

Final Bill of Materials: this is the final bill of materials including prices for all components

Tool list: this is a list of all tools required to construct the device

Final Product Specifications: these are the design values for the final specifications

Design Review

This design was reviewed on March 23, 2007 by the team, Dr. Andres Carrano, and Dr. Jim Taylor. The design was discussed, as well as plans for constructing and testing a prototype.

Design Review Agenda

Technical Risk Assessment

Project Schedule