P07403: Garri Processing Project

Test Plans

Usability Testing

A group of 20 random participants were presented with both the peeler and grater and given a yam. They were told what each machine did but were not given instruction on how to use either. When the user was finished they were asked to fill out an exit survey which was used to determine whether the machines were intuitive and what their likelihood of using them would be. To view the survey distributed to participants see: Usability Survey

Usability Tests for:

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Time Trials

Time trials were performed to obtain the average cycle time for both the peeling and grating devices. Due to the inability to obtain cassava in the Rochester area, all time trial tests were performed with a yucca root, which is very similar in size, shape, and skin and flesh texture.
Time to Peel

Calculate time to peel 1 cassava x 100 cassavas to be peeled in a week

Time to Grate

Calculate time to grate 1 cassava x 100 cassavas to be grated in a week

Mass Removed - Prototype vs. Traditional Methods

Testing was also performed to determine how much excess flesh was removed from each sample. Using the weight of each sample before and after the peeling process, the percent mass removal was calculated. A similar test was performed in which a yucca was peeled manually using a knife to determine the percent mass removal using traditional methods. There was no time limit on the manual peeling to insure safe and appropriate usage of the knife.
% Mass Removed

Compare weight of cassava before and after peeling

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