P07421: Sustainable Technologies for the RIT Campus - Phase I

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Project Staffing

Team Member Discipline Role Email address
Dr. Robert Stevens ME Faculty Guide rjseme@rit.edu
Lu Xu ISE Project Manager lax2539@rit.edu
Jessica Gmeinder ME Chief Engineer jag1724@rit.edu
Kevin Costantini ISE Team Member kcc3121@rit.edu
Eric Wong ISE Team Member eaw2298@rit.edu
Jeff Hoover ME Team Member jrh1485@rit.edu
Wojciech Mysliwiec ME Team Member wtm5128@rit.edu
Sam Eng (Wai) ME Team Member wse4595@rit.edu
Scott Rishell ME Team Member shr221@rit.edu
Robert Snow ME Team Member res0139@rit.edu
Christopher Chaput ME Team Member ctc6893@rit.edu

Team Members

Team P07421



Dr. Robert Stevens
Image:robert-stevens.jpg Dr. Robert Stevens is the advisor for the Senior Design team P07421. He currently majors in life but wants to minor in sleep. His hobbies include orienteering in the great unknown using only an old fashion compass. He also enjoys going on his daily run through the beautiful city of Rochester. But his favorite hobby is giving his senior design teams lots of extra homework. If Dr. Stevens was ever a super hero he would be professor. Since he is a professor he has accomplished his heroness. When asked where he sees himself in 10 years Dr. Stevens still sees him self here at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology because he loves it so much.
Lu Xu
Image:lu-xu.jpg Lu Xu is an industrial engineer. Her favorite hobbies included cooking exquisite dinners and then eating them. To keep in shape she loves to wake up in the morning and go to her pilate class at least 3 times a week. Once the summer hits and she is back in her home town of Miami Florida she loves to explore the deep underwater caves in the sport of scuba diving. Interesting facts about Lu are: she does really believe that aliens from outer space exist. If Lu could go back anytime into the past she would love to be back in the dinosaur era to play with the fun loving dinosaurs such as the velociraptor. In 10 years, Lu sees herself as the CEO of a start-up company.
Jessica Gmeinder
Image:jessica-gmeinder.jpg Jessie Gmeinder is a mechanical engineering student with a minor in philosophy. Her favorite hobbies include going out side and playing some ultimate Frisbee with her friends, reading good mystery novels during the cold winter nights at Rochester and cooking first-class foods such as superb cookies. If she could become any superhero she would become the bionic woman so then she could jump extremely high. Furthermore, Jessica feels that the aliens from outer space do exist and they are just waiting for us to destroy ourselves so then the can enjoy the luxurious and totally accommodating 3 planet from the sun. In 10 years she sees herself as vice presidents of a Fortune 500 company.
Kevin Costantini
Image:kevin-costantini.jpg Kevin Costantini is a scholar at Rochester Institute of Technology. His main focus at the institution resides in Industrial and System Engineering. His favorite hobbies included taking out the skies on the blistering cold days and driving down to Bristol Mountain for a few extreme slopes. When not doing stunts during his skiing sections Kevin likes to sit back and play some Carlos Santana on his guitar. He also enjoys jamming to Pink Floyd songs such as Shine on you Crazy Diamond. Kevin being a very dynamic character loves to also make up new hobbies, such as painting replicas from Michelangelos work and traving the deep seas exploring sea treasures and ghost hunting. If he could be any super hero he would be the molecular man because of his ability to become molecularly small allowing him to see things from a tinny perspective. When he was asked about what he thinks about aliens from outer space, Kevin broke down and started to cry. He later mentioned that aliens did something to his brother and he was still upset. Kevin favorite thing to do is time travel, he loves going back to Ancient Egypt checking out how the pyramids developed.
Eric Wong
Image:eric-wong.jpg Eric Wong is an Industrial Systems Engineer student he enjoys a full spectrum of sports which range from basketball to snowboarding. Because of Erics busy life style you will have to call his secretary if you ever want to talk to him, this man is a busy. If Eric could be any super hero he would be the environmentally friendly green lantern because then he would bring light to people all over the world. Moreover, Eric believes that aliens from outer space are actually present and walk among us. Lastly, since Eric is a champion his favorite activity is winning. Eric Wong is extremely good at that activity.
Jeff Hoover
Image:jeff-hoover.jpg Jeff Hoover is a Mechanical Engineer at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology. Truth be told, his blood type is actually an acidic poison which can easily eat away at several ferrous metals. If you ever want to contact Jeff chances are you will not be able to reach him because you will be redirected to your biological mothers house. Jeff being a curious fellow enjoys hobbies such as exploring planets on the weekend, directing movies and occasionally baking several scrumptious cakes. Furthermore, being a hard worker Jeff sees himself being the President of Earth in 10 years. As a caring person, when asked what era he would go back in time to, Jeff decided to go back to present day to save John Connor from the Terminator.
Wojciech Mysliwiec
Image:wojciech-mysliwiec.jpg Wojciech Mysliwiec is also known as Wojtek Mysliwiec. He is originally from Poland and is still waiting for Poland to win the World Cup. He loves long walks by the beach and candle light dinners. When asked about what he sees himself in 10 years, Wojtek said he would enjoying just being a bum by the beach.
Sam Eng (Wai)
Image:sam-eng.jpg Sam Eng is a mechanical engineering student whole loves snowboarding down black diamond slopes. He enjoys the calm game of trap and skeet and his favorite hobby includes sitting in the library on a Friday night and working on this senior design project. When asked if aliens from outer space exist Sam sat back in his chair chuckled a little bit and said that he did not believe in aliens. Looking 10 years into the future Sam sees himself as an owner of his own business. If he could go back in time Sam would love to go back to when he was 4 years old because then he would not need to think and would not have any responsibilities to worry about. Finally, even thought Sam is a hard worker his favorite activity is to party, because if you work hard you have to party hard.
Scott Rishell
Image:scott-rishell.jpg Scott Rishell is a mechanical engineer student. Because he works hard all the time, never try to give him a call on the cell phone for that this will disturb him. His favorite hobbies include traveling to places where there is sun and low crime and the temperatures are nice and warm. He enjoys playing some laid back Jimi Hendrix on his state of the art air guitar. Furthermore, Scotts great interest in other topics allows him to look into others fields besides engineering. If Scott was a super hero he would not care who he was as long as the super hero had a cape. Scott did mention a strong interest in the Darkwing duck super hero. Scott strongly believes that aliens from outer space are real and that Mel Gibson will save us from them. If he could go back to any time period he would travel back in time to the 1800s when the original excavation of several dinosaurs happened. Lastly, Scott enjoys marveling at his roman statute sculpted body in the mirror.
Robert Snow
Image:robert-snow.jpg Bob Snow is a hard working mechanical engineer student. Bob enjoys sporting his love for comic icons such as Spiderman by wearing his Spiderman shirt and residing his favorite Spiderman quotes to himself on the quarter mile. Because of Bobs vivid imagination Bob enjoys having nice cold refreshment with his imaginary animal friends. Furthermore, Bob is a family man and enjoys spending time with his father. When asked what his views are on aliens from outer space, Bob claimed that they visited him when he was 5 and took him on a leisure stroll in their fantastic space ship. In 10 years Bob sees himself living minimally in his mobile home near a beautiful river. Bobs favorite activity includes planning for future success in the globalizing economy, he plans to be the President of the world.
Christopher Chaput
public/christopher-chaput.jpg] Christopher Chaput is big guy. His hobbies include getting into fights at the bar and causing trouble in society. He is currently has been kicked out of 4 different states and is planning to make that 10 states by 2020.

Senior Design 1 Responsibilities