P07450: Tiger Claw Deck Fasterers


Table of Contents
'''P07450:Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners'''

'''P07450:Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners'''

'''Final Design'''

'''Final Design'''

Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners

Tiger Claw is a leading company that sells hidden fasteners in the deck building industry nationwide; they are the users and sponsor for the design.

Project Overview

In the building industry, contractors are always looking for new and improved methods in order to cut the time and costs of building. Contractors who work with outdoor decking share these same desires. They wish to use the modern technology that allows them to stay ahead of the competition.

Mission Statement

To provide a tool that will save time and expenditures for contractors and home owners and be able to combine multiple tasks into one task. The team will design, develop and test a pneumatic gun that will be capable of assisting anyone that is going to build a deck.
The project team in action.

The project team in action.

Fastener's installed in the deck.

Fastener's installed in the deck.

Team Members
Members Discipline Responsibility E-mail
public/gardner.jpgJon Gardner ME Pneumatic jag3235@rit.edu
public/wagner.jpgAaron Wagner ME Structure amw3411@rit.edu
public/okeefe.jpgSean O'Keeffe ME Materials sto3655@rit.edu
public/bagg.jpgJames Bagg ISE Production jpb3650@rit.edu
public/song.jpgBokeun Song ISE Human Factors bas6954@rit.edu
public/Taylor.jpgDr. James Taylor ISE Faculty Guide jbteie@rit.edu

Course Deliverables

  1. Roles & Responsibilities
  2. Customer's Needs Assessment
  3. Target Specifications
  4. Quality Function Deployment
  5. Ghant Chart.mpp
  6. Concept Selection 1&2.xls
  7. Bill of Materials.xls
  8. Concept Presentation & Discussion.ppt
  9. Concept Review.ppt
  10. Testing Results

Design Pictures

  1. Gun with deck
  2. Complete gun assembly
  3. 2nd shot of gun with deck
  4. Von Mises stress in piston hammer
  5. Von Mises stress in staple
  6. Staple deformation under stress
  7. Hammer deformation under stress

CAD Files (In ProE)

  1. Piston Metal O-ring
  2. Piston O-ring
  3. Piston
  4. Piston Cap
  5. Piston Assembly
  6. Feed Clamp
  7. Feed Cover
  8. Feed Guide
  9. Cover Screw #1
  10. Cover Screw #2
  11. Feed Assembly