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Project Name
Development of Laser Fuser Test Bed
Project Number
Project Family
Laser Printing Technology
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Marcos Esterman(IE)
Faculty Consultant
Prof. Marcos Esterman(IE)
Graduate Teaching Assistant :
Primary Customer
Dr. Esterman (IE)
Secondary Customers
Hewlett Packard, The Rochester Institute of Technology
Customer contact information
Dr. Marcos Esterman, IE

Project Overview

Developing a laser fuser test bed that has continusous variation ability is necessary for testing the reaction of toner under many different scenarios. Toner distribution and image quality are still very much a variable attribute when it comes to laser printing. This test bed will help in experimentation and understanding of the effects that speed, pressure and temperature have on image quality. The customers for this project are Dr. Marcos Esterman, RIT and HP, all of which are ultimately interested in improved image quality of laser printers. The test bed will have the ability to vary pressure, temperature, and speed associated with a toner populated media. The pressure, temperature, and speed settings will be adjusted and recorded by a computer , with an easily understandable graphic user interface. These criteria will met by the conclusion of the 22 week project. The team must provide complete documentation of the analysis, design, manufacturing, fabrication, test, and evaluation of this system to a level of detail that a subsequent team can build upon their work with no more than one week of background research.

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