P08001: Balance Training Bicycle

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Grade Level MSD I MSD II
D Team fails to complete a design for the prototype but all documentation prepared for a design to be built in future. Continuing on in SD II is doubtful. Team fails to build and functional prototype, but completes and documents modeling and analysis so that a design could be built in the future.
C Prototype design is complete but not detailed enough. There are still uncertainties in the design that raise concerns. Team can continue in SD II but will have to tie up a lot of loose ends. Team builds a prototype that cannot be used by a patient, but demonstrates proof-of-concept for their design.
B Detailed design is complete with some errors that can be corrected. Team is comfortable continuing in SD 2 with a few loose ends to tie up. Team builds a prototype that can be used by a patient, but is either minimally different from a static bicycle or minimally different from riding a traditional bicycle, or does not meet all customer needs.
A Team goes above and beyond the deliverables and demonstrates ability to think outside the box. Prototype design is complete with minimal concerns and parts have been ordered or starting to get ordered. Team is ready to start SD II on time. Team builds a prototype that is ready for use by patients and meets all customer needs. Complete feedback control and motion control. Tests are complete and the bike is ready to be used in the PT Clinic
In addition to the required Senior Design Deliverables, the team will provide the customer with a fully functional prototype, a detailed instruction and troubleshooting manual, and a training session for the PT staff who will use the device.

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