P08002: Automated Parallel Bars

Design for Safety

Preliminary Hazard Analysis

Preliminary Hazard Analysis

Ergonomics Study

The work simulator in the Ergonomics lab was used to assess to torque required to crank the handle. Using a 6 inch handle attachment, the simulator was programmed to specified forces (in pounds.) The subject, an average height female in her early twenties, who would be representative of the majority of the staff of Nazareth PTs, assessed her comfort level.

Ergonomic Study
Force, (6 inch handle) Equivalent Torque User Comments
17 lbs. 8.5 ft-lbs. Need to use two hands to use
13 lbs. 6.5 ft-lbs. Starts to get a little uncomfortable after a few revolutions
11 lbs. 5.5 ft-lbs. Could do, but difficult at bottom of revolutions
8.5 lbs. 4.25 ft-lbs. Could do this all day