P08002: Automated Parallel Bars

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Raising Mechanisms Locking Mechanism Supports Power-Input
Scissor jack Pawl Angled Posts Human (arms/legs)
Power screw Throw lock (mechanical handle lock) Anchored to ground Electricity (wall outlet, AC/DC)
Trailer jack Pin Cables Battery
Hand crank Prop (rigid column) Platform Air Compressor
Foot pump (hydraulics) Self-locking threads (square threads) Truss Chemical (fuel cells)
Compressor (pneumatic cylinder) Bearing w/angled surface Lattice
Forklift (bike chain/gears) Magnetic self-locking motor Sandwiched w/platform
Pulley system C-clamp
Counterweights Ball & spring (ratchet)
Direct drive motor Quick release seat post
Worm gear Set screw
Rail gun
Rack & Pinion
Air suspension
Office Chair
Stream compressor

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