P08002: Automated Parallel Bars

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Product Description

Develop an improved Parallel Bar System that will adjust to each patient and better assist the therapist in training their clients. The added obstacle course (to be developed by P08003) will be designed to simulate real world obstacles such as snowed surfaces, rough surfaces, avoiding moving objects, etc. This product should make setup easier while maintaining accuracy and safety for the patient and attending physical therapist. This will allow them to attend as many patients as they can in one day.

Key Business Goals

To build a product in regards to the customer needs that will aid the user in practicing walking as well as to make the product marketable.

Primary Market

Mainly to help the patients to walk with practice.

Secondary Market

Nazareth College Therapy Clinic

Assumptions and Constraints

Safety must take precedence in design and application of the product.


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