P08002: Automated Parallel Bars

Staffing Requirements

All team members will be expected to contribute to Needs Assessment, Design Specifications, Concept Generation, and Concept Selection, in addition to helping manufacture the final product. Additional specific roles envisioned are as follows:

Name Discipline Role / Skills
Elizabeth DeBartolo ME Faculty Guide, Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success.
Matthew Marshall ISE Faculty Consultant, Will provide ISE discipline technical support on an intermittent basis.
Ryan Hellems ME1 Control system design, support for manufacturing.
Justin Knowles ME2 Mechanical design and stress/fatigue analysis, support for manufacturing and test procedure/manual creation.
Jeff Osborne ME3 Generate CAD drawings, lead manufacturing process, support for mechanical design and installation.
Justin Vowles ME4 Lead installation and testing, support for interface design, control system design, and safety measures.
Jessica Stalker ISE Lead biomechanics and ergonomics analysis and human interface design, employ safety measures for physical therapists and patients. Document tracking and design history file maintenance, including test procedure and manual writing. Support for interface design.

Team Org Chart

web/private/Team Org Chart.jpg

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