P08005: ARC Communication Board Revision

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Grade Level MSD I MSD II
C Parameterized design of prototype system (proposed selection of system hardware and software materials, software and hardware engineering specifications) signed off by ARC staff and developed that COULD be implemented to evaluate functionality and user interface. A prototype system that fails to meet all performance and functional specifications and requirements. Demonstrates the basic operational capabilities that would be necessary to meet the performance specifications and functionality. Exhibits required functionality that could be used for evaluation and then incorporated into a complete, stand-alone design.
B Average expectations PLUS a PC based test system that demonstrates the potential to be utilized by individual and ARC staff to evaluate optimal configuration and promote interaction between customer and others. Software and hardware designs (specs, flowcharts, drawings) complete, as well as completed BOM. Prototype of final enclosure designed A fully functional device that can demonstrates all performance specifications and requirements in terms of hardware and part integration, but lacks a complete functional performance and requirements with regards to application software.
A Everything above PLUS the actual development of a computer platform comprised of specified hardware and software components that CAN be utilized with individual and ARC staff to evaluate optimal configuration and interaction. Final concept design exists, all required deliverables submitted on time. BOM and design both signed off by customer. Prototyping to validate design complete, full set of specifications and future plan in place. Development and testing of a complete, fully functional, stand alone device. Product meets ALL performance/functional specifications in terms of hardware and software. The customer requirements are all achieved. All paperwork associated with the project is documented and available.

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