P08005: ARC Communication Board Revision

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Product Description

The ARC of Monroe County has requested a communication board for one of its consumers who has limited verbal and spelling capabilities. This would replace a paper-based communication book. In the past, the individual has utilized a commercial electronic communication board that has a fixed membrane keypad with a variety of changeable overlays. A prototype solution was implemented during the 2006/2007 academic year that demonstrated the fundamental operation of a battery powered, touch screen, and LCD display based device. Based on feedback from the customer, the prototype needs to be refined to more closely meet the actual customer requirements in terms of size, weight, durability and operational characteristics.

Key Business Goals

Improve the quality of life for an individual with speech/spelling disabilities by providing the ability to express his/herself through a picture based communication board

Create a product that can be utilized by all individuals with speech and spelling disabilities throughout the city of Rochester, and possibly the whole state of NY, contributing in a positive way to the community.

Primary Market

The primary market for this communication board is:

The ARC of Monroe County

Secondary Market

The secondary markets for this communication board includes:

ANY inidividual with speech/spelling disabilities

3-7 year old children

Assumptions and Constraints


Stakeholders in the design of our project include the following:

The ultimate consumers

The ARC staff who interacts with the consumers regularly

The families/friends of the consumer

The visitors to any area in which the product is being used

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