P08006: Motion Tracking System


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Team Members & Responsibilities

Name Discipline Role Email
Josemaria Mora EE Team Leader jxm1072@rit.edu
Wade Daugherty EE Computer Interface/Communication wed7845@rit.edu
Brian Leigh EE Sensors/Power Management bfl5183@rit.edu
Jennifer Mallory ME Structural Analysis/Mechanical Design jam6250@rit.edu
Eric Danielson CE Software Development epd3265@rit.edu

Further explanation of the roles and responsibilities is given in the Roles & Responsibilities Matrix, and in a graphical view in Project Organization.

The Project

The Detailed Project Summary (REV AD) goes into detail regarding the following section.

Project Background

The Nazareth Physical Therapy Clinic treats mainly stroke patients who have difficulty walking. At the moment, the clinic has several devices that measure such attributes as balance and weight distribution. As of yet, they do not have a method for dynamically measuring the angles at the hip, knee, and ankle joints.

Problem Statement

The end goal of this project is to provide Nazareth college with a working device that accurately measures the specified joint angle while the patient is walking.



Issues & Risks

Summary of Needs

Physical Requirements

Software/Electrical Requirements

Production Constraints


Design History File

All files that were used to complete this project can be found in the Design History File.