P08009: Audio Memo Device - Phase II


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P08009: Audible Memo Device - Phase II

This project is a lightweight clipboard-size device that will easily allow a blind person to record, and play back, at least 64 audible memoranda messages with categories such as Appointments, Special Dates, To-Do List, and etc. The user interface must be simple and easily navigated by sense of touch. The design must assume that the user suffers some degree of neuropathy in the fingertips.

Project Family : Assistive Devices

Track : Assistive Devices/Bioengineering

Team Member Discipline Role / Skills Email Address
George Slack EE Faculty Guide gbseee@rit.edu
Tala Hopkins Sponsor Primary Customer talamark@rochester.rr.com
Mark Hopkins EE Faculty Consultant maheee@rit.edu
Alex Gorevski CE Team Member atg2472@rit.edu
Loic Hureau EE Team Member lxh3652@rit.edu
Jim Varghese EE Team Member jav9244@rit.edu
Jon Gosliga EE Team Member jgg0433@rit.edu

Mission Statement

The mission of this project is to build on the development of P07306 and finish the implementation that had intended to have done. Currently, there are several key issues we will be working on.

Key Issues

Senior Design I Deliverables

Weeks 1-5

1 Page Project Summary (10-12-07) (.DOC)

Team Organizational Chart (.VSD)

3 Week Schedule 9-14-07 (.XLS)

11 Week Schedule 10-1-07 (.XLS)

Team Roles and Responsibilities(.XLS)

Needs Statement (10-12-07) (.DOC)

Concept Review Pre-Read (10-12-07) (.DOC)

Proposed Code Structure (12-06-07)

Code Flow Chart (12-06-07)

NAND Flash Memory Usage (12-06-07)

Weeks 6-11

Design Presentation (11-15-07) (MPEG Available upon request)

Bill of Materials (1-7-08)

Engineering Specifications (1-15-08) (.XLS)

Final_Perf Board Schematics (2-22-08)

SD I & II Schedule (XLS) (12-14-07)

Senior Design II Deliverables

Final Deliverables

Weekly Status Schedule - Week 5 (DOC) (1-15-08)

Final Schematic (PDF) (2-26-08)

Final Schematic (ZIP) (2-26-08)

Poster (PPT) (2-24-08)

P08009 Conference Paper (DOC) (2-24-08)

Final Presentation (PPT) (2-24-08)

Test Plan Documentation and Results

Configuration Documentation (Tutorials)

Setting Up HyperTerminal (DOC) (1-29-08)

Setting up SAM-BA (DOC) (1-29-08)

Re-Recording Instructional Commands (DOC) (2-19-08)

Compiling the Code in Keil (DOC) (2-24-08)

Changing the Time on the Clock Chip (DOC) (2-24-08)

Test Code

Key-Press Test Code (BIN) (12-12-07)

Clock Chip MM/DD/YYYY Transitions (BIN) (12-20-07)

Clock Chip MM/DD/YYYY Transition Results (DOC) (12-20-07)

Archival Documents


AT91-ISP.exe (2 MB, revision 1.10, updated 06/07)