P08024: Air Muscle Artificial Limb II


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Project Overview

The primary objective of this project is to design and develop an anatomically accurate, robotic hand that incorporates air muscles as a force generating mechanism. The robotic hand should utilize control algorithms that accurately reproduce human hand grasping motions and force generation. The robotic hand wants to be scalable as a future goal. The design team will first be evaluating a current hand design and then shifting their efforts to the design and creation of a new hand design.

The primary deliverables from the senior design phase will be:

1. Optimized air muscle design and configurations

2. Control strategy/algorithms

3. Functional, controllable hand model using existing robotic hand

4. Control and Optimization of the Current Hand Model

5. New hand design - drawings, design requirements

Note: The deliverables from this senior design project will provide the platform to be used in a MS thesis project.
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Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology

P08024 Hand Design

P08024 Hand Design

P08024 Hand Design Team

P08024 Hand Design Team

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Administrative Information

Project Name
Air Muscle Artificial Limb Design
Project Number
Project Family
Artificial Organ Engineering
Assistive Devices and Bioengineering
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Kathleen Lamkin Kennard (ME)
Faculty Consultant
John Wellin (ME)
Technical Assistant
Jonathan Niebielski (1st Year ME)
Primary Customer
Dr. Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard
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customer email: kaleme@rit.edu

Team Documents

Original Intro & EDGE Notes


Mission Statement

Staffing Requirements

Intellectual Property Considerations

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Team Values and Norms

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Required Resources

Concept Development

Identify Customer Needs

Establish Target Specifications

Generate Product Concepts

Select Product Concept(s)


Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Workshop 4

Workshop 5

Testing and Design

Concept Design Review

Detailed Design Review

Testing and Refinement

Test Plan

Team Documents

Air Muscle

Hand Design


Other documents

Published Documents

This section contains the finished products.

Concept Design Review

Detailed Design Review

Technical Conference Publication (SD II)

Poster Publication (SD II)

Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD II)

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