P08025: LVAD Durability Test Machine

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Grade Level MSD I MSD II
D Minimal Performance. Customer needs are unclear. There are no clear Build and Test plans. Concepts are trivial at best. Team log books and documentation are unorganized and lack quality. Bill of materials are not complete. There is no Test or Build Plan whatsoever. Minimal Performance. Proto-type is not functional. Documentation is non-existant. Lack or disregard for quality on what has been done. The device is completely useless to the customer.
C Satisfactory Performance. There is a Test and Build plan, although not complete. Bill of Materials reflect the incomplete plan. Concepts have been selected, but there has been no initial concept validation. Some Analysis is available, but due to lack of experimentation, there is no validation that the concepts that have been selected will be successful. No risk analysis. Will have to spend some MSD2 time to finish incomplete tasks. Satisfactory Performance. The prototype is functional, although it is lacking on some of the key features agreed upon. It has minimal documentation. It does not fully satisfy all of the customer needs. Software has many bugs to work out, but is intact.
B Above Average Performance. Build and Test plan complete. Bill of Materials is complete. Concepts have beens selected. Risk analysis has been taken into account. Documentation is complete and easily understood. The team should be ready for MSD2 with minimal issues. Above Average Performance. The prototype is complete and is fully functional. It satisfies all customer needs. The documentation is not totally finished.
A Excellent Performance. The team has fully developed the selected concepts. There has been an honest effort to "Bench-Top" test the chosen concepts. These efforts were well recorded and analyized. A complete analysis is well documented with total team confidence. The team will be able to immediately execute Prototype Build and Test tasks immediately. Any items with lengthy lead-times should have been ordered. All required resources have been aquired. Excellent Performance. Includes B Grade. The machine is immaculate, high quality machining, wiring, assembly, and software. Flawless operation and ease of use. Complete Documentation.

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