P08026: Modular Hemodynamic Flow Simulation System


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Project Summery

Construction of a modular system that will allow reproduction of the flows and pressures associated with hemodynamic systems. This system will allow conduct of experiments and design verification associated with fundamental signal sources and properties associated with a biological circulatory system. It will entail components that will allow the generation and measurement of arbitrary dynamic flow rates, volumes, pressures and the impact of variations of the characteristics of system components such as vessel size, compliance, fluid constitution and topology. It will be constructed in a way that measurement of fundamental hydrodynamic properties can be carried out by a variety of invasive and non-invasive means (e.g., moving vane flow meters and doppler ultrasound). It will have an electronic control module that will provide a standard bidirectional communication link that will allow it to be controlled, modified and monitored via a standard computer application as well as in a preprogrammed, stand-alone fashion. The control module will have the capability of a stand-alone user interface to provide basic system operational parameters such as flow rates, pressure ranges and stored parameter waveforms and settings so that it can be used without a dedicated computer.

Project Readiness Package

Overview Information

Project Name
Modular Hemodynamic Flow Simulation System (P08026)
Project Track
Assistive Device/Bioengineering
Project Family
Bioengineering Fundamentals
Project Terms
2007-1 (Fall) and 2007-3 (Spring)
Faculty Guide and Primary Customer
Dr. Daniel Phillips
Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering, dbpeee@rit.edu
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Steven Day
Consultant and Major Contributor
Dr. Karl Schwarz of Strong Memorial Hospital
Additional Assistance Provided By
Dr. David Borkholder (RIT EE), Dr. Richard Doolittle (RIT Medical Science), Dr. Risa Robinson (RIT MechE) and Dr. Mark Smith (RIT MERIT)

Team Members and Responsibilities

Amanda Clark
Mechanical Engineer (Biomedical Engineering Focus)
Charles Marion
Industrial Engineer
Daniel Wisniewski
Electrical Engineer (Biomedical Engineering Focus)
Jason Brown
Mechanical Engineer
Jonathon Kelso
Electrical Engineer
Matthew Hicks
Electrical Engineer (Biomedical Engineering Focus)

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Project Based Documentation

Project Summary

1 Page Summary of Project (Word Document)

Additional Summary Information About This Project (Word Document)

Team Values and Norms


Project Readiness Package (Word Document)

Mission Statement

Preliminary proposal files and references

Team Schedule for SD I (Project Document)

Team Schedule for SD II (Project Document)

Statement of Work for SDII (PDF)

Concept Development

Customer Needs (Excel Document)

Critical Sub-Functions (Word Document)

Functional Diagram (Visio File)

Possible Pump Solutions (Word Document)

Engineering Requirements (Word Document)

Engineering Specs (Word Document)

Establish Target Specifications (Excel Document)

Comparison of Possible Pumping Techniques (Excel Document)

Bill of Materials for Final Project(UPDATED 5/22/08) (Excel)

System Level Design

Complete System Product Architecture

Detail Design

CAD Drawing of Entire System (PDF)

CAD Drawing of Heart Chamber (PDF)

CAD Drawing of Compliance Chamber (PDF)

Front and Back piece(PDF)
Middle piece(PDF)
Side piece(PDF)
Top piece(PDF)

CAD Drawing of Vascular Resistance Block (PDF)

CAD Drawing of Elbow (PDF)

CAD Drawing of Tee Valve (PDF)

CAD Drawing of Side Assembly (PDF)


Entire System (JPEG)

Heart Chamber (JPEG)

Drive system(JPEG)

Compliance Chamber (JPEG)

Testing and Refinement

Preliminary Testing Concept (Excel Document)

Published Documents

Concept Design Review Documents (SD I, PPT)

Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD I, PPT)

Final Paper and Presentations

Final Paper DRAFT (as of 5/2) (Word Document)

Final Poster (Power Point)