P08027: Wireless Assistive Control System

Bioradio Interaction

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What is the BioRadio ?

The BioRadio 150 is a wireless 12-channel lightweight programmable monitor for viewing and recording physiological signals, such as electrical activity from the heart, brain and muscle.

The BioRadio has 8 biopotential channels (taking differential inputs) , 1 oxygen sensor, an airflow sensor,a DC input, and it has a position senor. In this project, only four of the biopotential channels are used.

The BioRadio is composed of two main parts, the radio and the receiver. EMG electrodes are placed on the person, then wires are connected on the electrodes which connect to the BioRadio. The BioRadio then takes the signal, amplifes it and sends it over to the reviecer which is connected to the computer.

How do we interact with the BioRadio?

In this project, two different programs are used to talk to the BioRadio's receiver, Matlab and Labview. Each program interacts with the dll (dynamic link library) in order to communicate with the reciever

Originally, only Matlab was going to be used. Matlab was a program that everyone used and was comfortable with. Then an monumental issue arose, the base platform for Matlab is unable to preform parallel processing. Parallel processing allows the computer to process instructions simultaneously. Not being able to parallel process is fine for collecting data, but does not work for processing data and transmitting the data at the same time.

In order to collect and process data at the same time, the main processing platform switched from matlab to labview. Matlab is still used for simple data collection. The Software development kits (SDK) were used as an example and a reference to interact with the dll.

BioRadio setup

  1. Initially install the BioRadio software.
  2. Setup the Amplifier gain and sampling
  3. Open the labview file. (Source Files)
  4. Place the probes on the necessary muscles for driving the car.
  5. Turn the car on
  6. Run the labview code, the user should be able to produce muscle movements which in turn move the car.

Note: When communicating with the BioRadio through the USB driver, serial communications must be properly closed. If the connection is not properly closed, initiating subsequent communications through the emulated COM port will not function. In practice restarting the computer was required to free the port.

BioRadio in ACTION