P08027: Wireless Assistive Control System

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Grade Level MSD I MSD II
D The strap idea was not reviewed by an ergonomics professor. The IRB was not finished. The EMG data is moved by selecting the file through the filter program. The DSP relies on the same method for using the filtered data. The DSP does not work. The wireless was vetoed by the customer. The RC car's design was not finished and the pseudo code for the car was inexistent. Nothing works.
C The strap idea was not approved nor has the IRB been finished. The EMG data still relies solely on labview to enter the PC and there lacks a process as to how the data is sent to the filter. The filter does not work as expected, but the data is use-able. The control simulation is not finished. The RC car has not been approved. The pseudo code for the car is not ready. A person makes a movement and the car seems to be acting on its own.
B The strap/sleeve idea has several designs with a BOM for the number of designs. How the EMG data gets into the computer has been documented but the real time transfer is not complete. The filter works partially, but could be better for the controller. The simulation of the controller works, but needs improvement. The wireless will be approved and on order. The RC car will have an approved design with a complete BOM but the pseudo code is not yet finished. A person moves a muscle and the car gets some activity, but it's not exactly what was desired.
A The IRB will have been completed. The strap/sleeve idea will have been approved and a BOM will have been submitted to the purchasing agent. The EMG data will be sent to the filtering software in realtime. The filtering software will clean the signal and then send it to the controller simulator. The controller simulator will send out the desired response that pertained to the recorded test. The wireless will be approved for purchase, the RC car will have a complete BOM and pseudo code for how it will move. A person moves a muscle and the RC car moves appropriately.

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