P08027: Wireless Assistive Control System

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Product Description

A software package that will take an EMG input and give a computer command output. A later phase will develop the package into hardware.

Key Business Goals

Design a system which relies on an innovative method for signal controlled devices.

Primary Market

Aiding individuals who are unable to function at certain tasks and allowing them to use their extremities to create signals in order to help them lead a productive life.

Secondary Market

Wireless robotics that imitate human movement, game controllers, exoskeletons, monitoring muscle growth/atrophy in patients.

Assumptions and Constraints

This software package needs to be robust. Phase 1 is responsible for analyzing EMG signals, analyzing which muscles of the arms will be used for this product, designing a filter for the EMG signals and developing a controller to use those signals.


Dr. Amuso of the Electrical Engineering department.

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