P08027: Wireless Assistive Control System

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Three Week Project Plan
Person Week 1->2 Tasks

(10 Sept 06)

Week 2->3 Tasks

(17 Sept 07)

Week 3->4 Tasks

(24 Sept 07)

Ben Meet with Brown and Phillips over project requirements, update PRP, look into EMG amplifiers online, update website Meet with Dr. Phillips over EMG amplifier design, Meet with Amuso over requirements, update website Discuss with Brown possible non-Amplifier related tasks, Continue looking into EMG amplifiers, update website
Jay Met with Sahin, determine wireless system, come up with initial controller design Finish initial controller design, show Dr. Brown and Dr. Mathew Look into appropriate DSPs
Jim Google Calendars, meet with Sahin, determine wireless system Begin playing with the Sahin-bot Finish testing of Sahin bot and determine if we're going to use it or begin outline for proof of concept
PJ Look into A/D converters Look into processing time/power for the EMG signals from Vi's data (give to Jay) Look into real time data analysis in Matlab, begin research on types of Filters to use (meet with Dianat?)
Todd Update IRB, determine actions that will be used for EMG signals Update IRB, Begin design of strap/glove to house EMG wires and electrodes Meet with Marshall about strap and IRB test
Vi Meet with Dr. Marshall to discuss project Obtain preliminary EMG data, update IRB with Todd Meet with marshall (with Todd)

Note: See MS Project file for detailed 3 week plan.

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