P08027: Wireless Assistive Control System

Staffing Requirements

The staffing requirements for the project are summarized in the table below.

Note to DPM Students: Imagine that you are writing a one paragraph advertisement to hire an engineer to work on each of these positions within the team. Each entry in the Role/Skills description column should be very similar to a one paragraph co-op posting announcement similar to those you have applied to previously.

Name Discipline Role / Skills
Dr. Brown EE Faculty Guide, Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success.
Dr. Phillips EE Faculty Consultant, Will provide EE discipline technical support on an intermittant basis.
Benjamin J. Danziger EE Project Manager
Vianna Muller EE EMG Signal Acquisition and Analysis
Jayadevan Radhakrishnan EE Controller
Peter Drexel EE Filter
James Corcoran CE Controller, Microcomputer
Todd Bentley ISE EMG pad placement, biomechanics

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