P08028: Magnet Centering Device

Dr. Day's Interview (01-24-2007)

Notes from meeting w/ Dr. Day

a.) Determining how off center a magnets magnetic field is from the physical center

- Use a magnet that was previously mapped and measured which preformed poorly and use that magnets magnetic field as the limit.

- According to Dr. Day, all the magnets that were test had a magnetic field nearly concentric to the physical diameter

b.) Traveling distance for the z-axis linear stage holding the magnet can be 2 inches

c.) Precision of z-axis movement is 100 microns or 0.1 mm

d.) X, Y traveling distance 1 to 2 mm

e.) How the washers attached to the magnet affect the vacuum holder

f.) Magnets other than the Hall Effect magnets will be measured at the same distance as the Hall Effect magnets

g.) Having the magnetic field within 10 microns from the max or min of hall effect sensor read out

h.) Human interaction with device should be maximum 10 times

i.) Ideally human interaction is 4-5 times