P08028: Magnet Centering Device

Dr. Day's Interview (10-15-2007)

What separates the heart pump from this project from current heart pumps on the market?

What separates this heart pump from current heart pumps on the market is the fact that there are no mechanical bearings in this heart pump. The heart pump will be levitating due to the magnets that are apart on the heart pump. Some of the current heart pumps have mechanical failure do to the break down of the bearings. The failure of the bearing hampers the longevity of the pump. Current pumps on the market last around two to three years and the heart pump which I have been working on will last twenty years.

What company will be sponsoring this project?

RIT is the primary customer for this project. RIT is a subcontractor for the Utah Artificial Heart Company

What is the test rig used for?

Currently, the bushings of the rotor to the heart pump are non-concentric to their diameter and the magnets of the rotor have a non-concentric magnetic field with respect to their diameter. The purpose of this test rig is to center bushings with respect to their diameter. Once the bushings have been centered, the test rig will then center the magnetic field of the magnet by physically pushing the magnets.

Name some of the current problems with the magnet pushing test rig?

The current test rig cannot center the bushings of the rotor. The other problem with the test rig is the human interaction with the centering of the magnet. I would like a test rig which is more automated and has less human interaction. By cutting down or eliminating human interaction when centering the bushings and magnets, the time in which to produce a fully assembled rotor will decrease. Another benefit with less human involvement in centering the magnets is the precision one gets from automation.

How precise does the mapping of the magnetic field have to be?

The precision of the centricity of both the bushings and magnetic fields must have concentricity or a peak to peak value of 25 microns.

Should the current test rig be repaired or replaced?

The test rig that is being used now for centering the magnets performs other application for the lab therefore the current test rig cannot be modified or repaired for this project. A new rig will have to be made.

Is the rig just used for mapping magnets or can it be used for something else?

The current test rig performs a number of different tasks for the lab but with the test rig that you will be design will solely center bushings and magnets.

Are there questions or concerns that you would like to address at this time?

The important aspect of this project is the precision and speed of the test rig. The time saved in centering the bushings and magnets can be the beginning steps into the mass production of the LVAD heart pump.