P08028: Magnet Centering Device

Identify Customer Needs

Table of Contents

Interviews and Assessments from the Customer and associates

First I would like to introduce myself, my name is Aaron Burger and I am a
mechanical engineering student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am
conducting this interview to gather information about the project that I will
be working on. The project in question is the magnet mapping test rig for the
Left Ventricle Assistant Device or LVAD. The person who I will be questioning
is Dr. Steven Day.

Dr. Day's Interview (10-15-2007)

Dr. Day's Interview (01-24-2007)

An informal interview was conducted with Jim Cezo, a RIT student who designed
and works on the current testing device. Jim has great insight on how the test
rig is ran and the problems that are associated with the device. The link below
has a few of his assessments on the problems at hand.

Assessments from Jim Cezo

Relative Importance of the Needs

The customer needs are related to the engineering needs through the metrics of the system. A printable table is provided which illustrates how the metrics of the customer's needs influences the engineering needs in greater depth. Open the link and save the spreadsheet to disk to open in excel

Hierarchy of Needs

The hierarchy of needs list illustrates the Customer's needs and breaks down the needs into their hierarchy. A printable excel sheet is available which illustrates the needs and how the metrics influence each of the those needs. Open the link and save the spreadsheet to disk to open in excel

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