P08028: Magnet Centering Device

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Product Description

Currently the magnets made produce magnetic fields that are non-concentric with their diameters and the proposed device will correct this discrepancy. Firstly, the magnet will be placed on a bushing with a non-concentric diameter, therefore, the device will monitor and physically move the bushing giving the bushing a concentric diameter relative to the center. The Centering Magnet Device will monitor the magnet's magnetic field and physically move the magnet producing a concentric field. Producing a magnetic field concentric with the magnet's diameter plays a crucial role in the survival of the Left Ventricle Assistant Device (LVAD).

Key Business Goals

Primary Market

The LVAD heart pump will serve the portion of the community with incurable congestive heart disease. Current heart pumps on the market last for a few short years due to mechanical failure or biological complications. The LVAD heart pump will have a vastly superior life of twenty years. This increase in the service life will greatly prolong survival for people with congestive heart disease.

Secondary Market

Magnets are used in a plethora of devices, therefore, having a magnet with concentric magnetic field will greatly increase the longevity and efficiency of those devices. The Centering Magnet Device will have a precision of 0.01 millimeters in measuring therefore any company or device which uses a rotating shaft could use the Centering Magnet Device in measuring the concentricity of a product.

Assumptions and Constraints


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