P08028: Magnet Centering Device

Product Concepts

Table of Contents


  1. Orientation Assembly
  2. Physically holding parts (bushings and magnet)
  3. Measuring & Mapping
  4. Center Magnet
  5. Adhering Bushing and magnet assembly
  6. Confirming & Validating assembly concentrically

Positioning Process

  1. Vertical Assembly holding bushings and magnet
  2. Cylindrical Coordinates
  3. No contact with positioning and magnetic fields sensors

Moving Magnets

  1. Robotic arm with same reference point
  2. using magnets to position magnet
  3. use solenoid to push magnet (radial actuator)
  4. linear stages used to push magnet

Moving Bushing

  1. use linear stages to move bushing
  2. have a rotary stage rotate bushing
  3. actuator physically moving the bushing

Adhering Magnet to Bushings

  1. Glue bushing holding center magnet first then add second bushing
  2. automated gluing (inject while bushing-magnet assembly rotate)
  3. use a composite to adhere magnet to bushing (composite is present throughout entire pushing process and then is cured using heat or a reactive agent)
  4. apply a glue to the bushing and place centered magnet on the top

Holding Fixture of Bushing and Magnet

  1. sleeve over entire finished assembly to adhere all together
  2. threaded bushing & post to make assembly concentric
  3. use chuck to hold bushing which magnet is resting on
  4. a centered shaft which holds both bushings
  5. a cup-like fixture which holds the bushing which the magnet rest on
  6. a cup-like fixture holding the second bushing and then moved down to the centered bushing and magnet
  7. rubber bushing holding both bushings
  8. vacuum

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