P08028: Magnet Centering Device

Relative Importance of the Needs

Needs Summary
Need The Product Needs to Importance (Scale: Very High, High, Medium, Low, Very Low)
Need 1 Center Magnetic Field within 25 microns (peak to peak) Very High
Need 2 Adhering magnet to bushing withstand forces comparable to forces enveloped on current rotor Very High
Need 3 Adaptability having the device accept different configurations of magnets or bushings Medium
Need 4 User Friendly the automation process require little comprehension of the system's functionality High
Need 5 Fully Automated require little to no human interaction High
Need 5 Time of Manufacturing have a process which requires less time of mapping than previous process High
Need 7 Maintenance and Calibration little time is required to maintain and calibrate device Medium
Need 8 Consolidate (Portable) have a device independent of location High
Need 9 Within Budget budget is set however will increase to insure success of project Medium
Need 10 Balanced Assembly balance of assembly can be accomplished in rotor stage Very Low

Customer Needs Description

1.) Centering magnetic field

2.) Permanent Assembly of Bushings and Magnet

3.) Adaptable to different size magnets and bushings

4.) Cost within budget

5.) User friendly

6.) Time to center magnet

7.) Maintenance and calibration

8.) Fully automated

9.) Consolidate(portable) and dampen the testing device

10.) Balanced Assembly

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