P08028: Magnet Centering Device

Test Product Concept(s)

Table of Contents

Purpose of the Concept Test

Gather people of influence and who are associated with the LVAD Heart Pump project to determine if concept of design is feasible and viable.

Survey Population

The people gathered for the concept review eithered worked or are working for the LVAD project

Survey Format

Presentated a power point presentation and presented the group with a design which implemented the following ideas:

Communicate the Concept

Present the ideas in a presentation format. The presentation involved SolidWorks drawing and schematics to illustrate the physical viability of the test device. A flowchart of the process was provided to illustrate the sequence of events to the process.

Measure Customer Reponse

Meet with the customer to review the outcome of the presentation, determined the pros and cons of design.

Interpret the Results

Some of the concerns were taking into consideration and the following presents the problems or concerns with the concept of the design:

Reflect on the Results and the Process

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