P08043: Mass Spectrometry Sample Prep

Mission Statement

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Product Description

Develop an experimental test rig that is robust and flexible. The design will consist of a coating device and a slide to measure the diffusion. The experimental device should be flexible to investigate different coating methods. A high speed camera will allow for real time analysis of the coating process.

The experimental apparatus will allow for interchangeable coating devices. The apparatus will be designed to apply the spray, hold and support the sample, and support a high speed camera to monitor the sample diffusion. The coating devices will use a organic solvent. Three different coating devices will be constructed:

1) Airbrush
2) Modified Ink Jet Printer
3) Blade Coating

A commercial airbrush and ink jet printer will be purchased. The blade coating device will be designed and fabricated using RIT's CNC machines.

Key Business Goals

Dr. Day is sponsoring this senior design project. St. Jude Children's Hospital is providing customer constraints and any tissue samples that may be needed. The primary purpose of this project is to create a mass spectrometry sample preparation device with integrated diagnostics. Although commercial products exist on the market today, this design is specifically tailored to needs of the customer. The design of this experiment will primarily investigate the effect of varying spray properties of the sample.

Primary Market

Dr. Day will will facilitate ongoing research with this senior design mass spectrometry device. The research will focus on optimizing and studying the diffusion properties.

Secondary Market

The secondary customer of this project is St. Jude Children's Hospital. The mass spectrometry sample preparation will be custom designed to meet the needs of the primary and secondary customer. Successful completion of this project will allow St. Jude Children's Hospital to apply this device to their medical applications. Dr. Andy High and Dr. Clive Slaughter will provide medical expertise and resources for this senior design project.

Assumptions and Constraints

The team must investigate different coating applications in order to design the most efficient coating device. The slide platform must have a known characteristic pattern in order to effectively measure the diffusion.

The organic solvent (TBD) used in this project must be similar to the medical organic solvent: 50/50 mixture of Acetynitrol and Water.

Project Budget: $5000 (confirmed)

Although the proposed budget is somewhat flexible, this SD project should only require about half of the proposed budget.


Stakeholders in the design of our product include the following:

St. Jude Children's Hospital
Pharmaceutical Industry
Biomedical R&D Industry
RIT biomedical research

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