P08043: Mass Spectrometry Sample Prep

Team Assignments 1

Team Assignment 1

All task are to be completed by all team members:

1. Email your schedule to Robert Alpern (ria5549@rit.edu) so we can set up meeting times for winter quarter.

2. Fill out team info on project homepage (picture, major, email, cell, schedule)

3. Become more familiar with project

Read over 'Team Documents' in project homepage (DPM Presentations, MS, MALDI)

4. Come to meeting next week with any new ideas or recommendations.

5. Take note in your log books:

Take note of any concerns or suggestions
Research/Review anything to help you 'get up to speed' for your part of the project

6. Ask questions!

Be an active member on the team and come to SD meeting next week with questions?
Don't be afraid to voice your concerns/opinions
Recommend any ideas you have to improve this project

7. Complete individual assignments


8. Read over the 'Team Values and Norms' under the Planning Section

This section outlines the team's expectations and performance

9. Read over the 'Grading and Assessment Scheme' under the Planning Section

This section outlines the team's grading expectations for SDI & SDII

10. Have fun and lets make this project memorable!

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure